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I love Goodfellas. Simply put, I love it. From the very opening scene 'til the very last frame, Goodfellas is a film like no other. Full of great characters, wonderful writing and direction along with a career best performance from Joe Pesci, Goodfellas is one of my favourite movies of all-time.

The genius of Goodfellas is that it feels so real (ok I know it's a true story but i digress.) Through Scorsese's genius directing, the viewer is allowed to feel completely immersed in this world of gangsters. But what makes goodfellas as compelling as it is are its brilliant characters. Ray Liotta makes a fine leading man, giving a likeable performance at the beginning so we don't totally hate him when he starts beating his wife and selling drugs. Robert De Niro is fantastic as he always is, playing Jimmy with a sly wit and twinkle in his eye. Yet the man who ultimately steals the show is Joe Pesci, who plays Tommy as mad and yet strangely endearing. The scene where he spends some time with his mum is one of my favourite scenes in the film, it's not a big moment but one that lets us truly understand Tommy and see past his mad side and starting seeing the real kind Tommy we see hints of throughout the film. And who can forget that famous scene in the restaurant. 'Am I a clown' is one of the most tense and hilarious scenes in a movie I have ever scene, perfectly blending humour with the serious subject matter.

If I do have one gripe with Goodfellas is that after the death of Tommy it feels a little flat in places. Some of the scenes feel like they drag on and the film lacks the flair it had in its first two acts.

Regardless of this one nitpick, Goodfellas is still a brilliant film and one that will remain so for many years to come.


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