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A brand new poster for Duncan Jones' (Moon, Source Code) Warcraft adaptation hit Twitter earlier today as well as the official date for the first trailer.

It seems like forever since the official Warcraft movie was announced but it's not all to far away now. Some footage was shown earlier this year at San Diego Comic Con but we'll get our first official trailer this Friday.

The footage shown at Comic Con really did not impress me, there was so much CG on the screen that I felt entirely disconnected from the story, of course there is still time for the CG to be improved. The concept of a Warcraft film has always interested me, World Of Warcraft is a game packed with so much lore and history that makes it perfect for big screen storytelling.

First off, I love the poster, it's simple but tells a story; Two Worlds, One Home. I love the tagline. It really tells us what the film is going to be about and why the Orcs and the Alliance are at war with one another. From the Comic Con footage and now this poster, it does look like we won't have a definite protagonist/antagonist like situation. We're going to see both sides of this war and get to decide for ourselves which side we're rooting for.

The movie does only hit theaters on June 10th 2016 so don't hope for a full trailer detailing story and character, this will most likely be a 90 second to 2 minute teaser mostly showing off the film's visuals with a tease of plot perhaps.

I'm still on the fence about Warcraft, I believe in the filmmaker and the film has a fantastic cast but nothing I've seen as of yet has impressed me. Lets hope the trailer this Friday will change that.

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