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Are you in the mood to stay up all night without a wink of sleep? Then make sure to read these insanely creepy stories collected from, as they are guaranteed to send a few chills down your spine.

This only goes to show that screenwriters might have to chat with some of these nurses and get some truly scary stories put into films. Knowing that they're based off true stories is enough to scare anybody!

1. The Terrifying Black Shadow

"One night I was caring for a dying male patient. He was scared and I spent quite some time with him, trying to calm and reassure him. Eventually he calmed and I left the bedside and went over to the nurses station which was about 15 feet away. As I sat down I glanced over to him and there was a black shape standing over the bed, looking down at the patient. I was terrified, and am sure it was something evil."

2. "We See Him All the Time..."

"I heard a story once about a 5th floor neuro unit. This was told to me first person. The nurse was at the desk and a guy in a white nursing garb came through the double doors, walked into an empty room, and didn’t come back out.

The nurse thought it was weird so he went into the room, and it was empty.

He went to the double doors and opened them and there were 2 resp techs talking at the entrance who swore they’d been there talking the whole time and that nobody came through the doors.

When one of his co-workers returned from lunch and he explained what happened, she was like, “Oh, that’s just Bob (actually I don’t remember the name, so the name was changed to protect my ignorance). He worked here as an LVN years ago and was accused of molesting a child. He was sure he was about to be arrested so he jumped out the window in that room and killed himself. We see him all the time . . .”

3. Move Along

We had a patient, a chronic CHFer, always on the call button, who hated being on fluid restrictions. You know the type: the nurses have to take turns during the shift answering the call button so the primary can actually do other work.

And this was a frequent flier cause he was very chronic, very borderline, and the hospital was the only place he wouldn’t fluid overload.

I work 7p-7a. He died about 8pm. Oh the look on his face was 'how could you let me die!' like it was our fault. Anyway, the family came and went by 9pm, with the funeral home gone at 9:30pm. About 10pm, the call button starts going off. I was there – call button going off every 5 minutes.

One of the nurses was a very spiritual girl. At about 2am, after like 4 HOURS OF THIS, nurse Mary snaps, ‘Enough!’

She walks down to the room, and, practically screams into the empty room, 'Mr X, you have died. You can’t be in here bothering us anymore. Move along. In the name of Jesus, I’m exorcising you from this plane of existence. Go to the light and be happy!'

And I kid you not, the call button stopped going off then and there."

4. Mysterious Call Light

"I work as a CNA in long term care. We had one resident 'Betty' who was totally independent, all ADL’s were done on her own and she did fine on her own, never had an incident. The only time she wanted help was showers and then she only wanted you around to make sure she didn’t slip and fall. Betty came down with pneumonia and had to be hospitalized. When she came back she was too weak to do things on her own but too stubborn to ask for help. The last thing the CNA told her before going to bed was 'If you want to get up, hit your call light. I’ll come help you.' Of course she didn’t, got rid of the bed alarm, climbed out of bed and fell. Betty died from the fall. No one has been moved into her bed.

The following week the call light for the room went off at night. Thinking it was the resident in bed B I walked down the room to see what she wanted. I walked into the room only to see the call light for bed B and A off, the call light for bed C (Betty’s unoccupied bed) was on. My eyes filled up with tears, I backed out of the room and made someone else turn the call light off."

5. The Spooky Tall Figure

"I was walking past the nurses station on one of our units just before breakfast time and saw this big black figure that was behind a chair raise up from about three feet tall to seven feet almost touching the ceiling and it was coming my way over the counter. I moved my butt on out there quickly.

I shared this story with the folks who had worked 11-7 the day before and one of them had seen a big black figure go by and they both heard it make some kind of mournful moan as it went down the ramp to the other unit. I nearly fell over when I found out I wasn’t the only one seeing it that day. We both described exactly the same thing even with the same gait."

The hospital is already filled with disease, illness, and death. It is the perfect place to truly house the living and the dead, and therefore no surprise that ghostly creatures wander the halls trying to get out.

Sounds like the perfect plot for a horror film!

[Source: Horror Movies Blog]


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