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You're a young super hero, you've just discovered your abilities of flight and super-strength! But just weeks into your career, the Superhuman Registration Act is passed, and Captain America and his Secret Avengers are gearing up against Iron Man and his team!


Who do you join?

If you chose CAPTAIN AMERICA, proceed to QUESTION 2. If you picked IRON MAN, proceed to QUESTION 6.

Question 2

You're on your way to the Secret Avengers bunker. However, upon your arrival, you see that Cap and the Punisher have come to blows over their different...methods... of combating criminals!


Do you step in to stop the fight?

If you said YES, continue to Question 3. If you said NO, continue to Question 4.

Question 3

You stepped in and calmed them down, but now it's time to head to New York for the final confrontation. Cap leaves the choice to you.


Do you bring the Punisher with, or tell him to leave?

If you chose YES, proceed to Question 5. If you chose NO, proceed to Question 4.

Question 4

The Punisher has been dismissed from the team, and Cap rouses the Avengers for the final confrontation! You're itching for a fight, and ready to take on Iron Man and his registered ruffians. The battle rages for hours, all over New York. You're expertly dodging attacks from Thor's doppleganger, Ragnarok, when you hear a scream- a family is trapped in a store that's about to collapse!


Do you fly to their aid, or continue your battle?

If you selected Help, go to Finale 1. If you selected Fight, go to Finale 2.

Question 5

You've been fighting back to back with Cap and the Punisher for hours, but as the battle rages on, things get dicier. You hear a loud, amplified yell-it's Iron Man! Cap has him on the ground, shield raised, ready to deliver the final blow. Frank Castle turns to you. "Get out of here, kid, it's gonna get ugly." He turns and begins walking towards the heroes. In that instant, a mob of civilians jumps Rogers, and pulls him off Iron Man! But Punisher isn't done. He raises his weapons, ready to put down Stark for good.


Do you step in to save Iron Man?

If you chose YES, proceed to Finale 3. If you chose NO, proceed to Finale 4.

Question 6

You've joined up with the Mighty Avengers, and now you're patrolling New York City for unauthorized superhero activity. As you pass near Hell's Kitchen, you get lucky enough to spot a familiar flash of red as it leaps between buildings. You know you're mandated to bring him in, but Daredevil has always kept the Kitchen safe-and even if it's illegal, you don't know if anyone could do it better.


Do you bring Daredevil in?

If you answered YES, proceed to Question 7. If you answered NO, proceed to Question 8.

Question 7

You've brought Daredevil to 42, the superhero prison in the Negative Zone. All of a sudden, alarms blare-Cap's team has arrived to rescue the prisoners! As the prison descends in to chaos, Daredevil turns to make a break for it.


Do you capture him and put him back in a cell, or let him go and head straight to the fight?

If you answered Let Him Go, proceed to Question 8. If you selected Capture, proceed to Question 9.

Question 8

The final battle has arrived and spilled on to the streets of New York! You fight desperately for hours, every once in a while catching a glimpse of the red suited figure you let go free. Suddenly, there he is - Murdock is locked in combat mere feet from you! Out of the corner of your eye, though, you spot a hooded, skeletal figure aiming his weapon at Sue Storm!


Do you save Sue, or attack Daredevil?

If you chose Save Sue, proceed to Finale 5. If you chose Attack Daredevil, proceed to Finale 6.

Question 9

You put Daredevil in a cell, then fly off to join the battle. You've been fighting for hours, and beaten heroes lie all over the streets. As you dodge an attack from Spider-Man, you notice your ally Ragnarok rushing at Cap from behind, going in for the kill.


Do you save your enemy's commander, or continue your fight with Spider-Man?

If you chose Save Captain America, proceed to Finale 7. If you chose Keep Fighting, proceed to Finale 8.


Finale 1

You dodge a swing from Ragnarok's hammer, then blast past him to catch the building. But the long day of fighting has taken its toll. You're tired, worn out. The family makes it out to safety. You smile as the mother pulls her children around the corner and out of the fight. It's the last thing you see before your tired body gives out, and is crushed under the weight of the collapse. Months later, two families-yours, and the one you saved-place a plaque on the remains of the building. As the families embrace, a lone, red and gold armored figure stands on the rooftop above, mourning the loss of a hero in his war.

Finale 2

The civilians can wait! Ragnarok is too big of a threat, and he's already killed other heroes. You dodge his hammer, sweep his leg, and disarm him of his fake Mjolnir. Your fists pummel the pretender's cyborg face, tearing into the machinery. Suddenly, the building behind you collapses forwards. You blast through the structure, leaving Ragnarok to be crushed by the debris. As you climb out of the wreckage, you see Cap surrendering. You won't be taken alive. As you race away from the destruction, you try to push those unheeded screams out of your mind.

Finale 3

Punisher's finger pulls back, but you were already there. The gun goes off harmlessly into the air, missing Iron Man. Castle crashes forwards, hitting the rubble hard. As you stand over the beaten vigilante, officers rush to the scene, cuffing you and pulling Punisher into an ambulance. He'll live, but importantly, so will Stark. As you board a transport to prison, you know you did the right thing.

Finale 4

As you make a break for a nearby alley, you hear it. BLAM. BLAM. BLAM. A loud, angry yell echoes through the city as Steve Rogers attacks his friend's murderer. His shield comes down on Castle's shoulder, and his fist crunches against Punisher's nose. The remaining heroes and officers pull him off Punisher's broken form. Two heroes lie in the street, one dead, one breathing, barely. You stand in shock in the alley, wondering if you could have stopped it. You look to the sky... and know that you'll never fly again.

Finale 5

You turn to save Sue, but you're nowhere near fast enough to get there in time. He is, though. Daredevil's expert billy club throw knocks Taskmaster's gun clean out of his hand. Before Taskmaster can react, you fly at him and with one, solid, earthcracking punch, knock him straight through the asphalt. As you look up, you see Reed and Sue embrace. Soon after, Captain America halts the battle, and turns himself in. You don't see Daredevil around, but you know he saved another life.

Finale 6

Forget Sue, she's your enemy anyways. You turn to face Daredevil-BLAMBLAMBLAMBLAM! All of a sudden, you're stumbling, you're falling. As you collapse, you glimpse Sue lowering her arms, and turning towards you. A red suited hero rushes over to you. His hands are on your back. You can barely make out two horns. "We need to get them out of here. They've been shot twice. The bullets glanced off your force fields. One's in their spine." An invisible field lifts you from the ground, holding your body rigid. Sue levitates you around to a waiting ambulance, and your eyes close. Three days later, you wake up in a hospital. You try to sit up, but you can't. Your legs... you can't feel your legs.

Finale 7

Forget that he's your enemy. Captain America is still one of the greatest heroes of all time. You charge forward, but you won't make it to Ragnarok in time-so you jump between him and Cap. His lightning arcs forward, blasting though your chest. As you fall to the ground, your last thoughts are of relief. You crossed the finish line, you made it. You saved his life. You watch Hercules and Vision take down Ragnarok, and your eyes close. You're a hero.

Finale 8

Forget Cap-he can take care of himself. You turn to face Spider-Man. Where is he? Your legs are wrenched into the air. The Wall Crawler hoists you up a light post, then webs you to it. But you're not looking at him. You watch as Ragnarok's arm swings forward, sending a blast of lightning through Captain America's back. Peter turns in shock, and drops to his knees. Mr. Fantastic and Iron Man scream shut down codes, and Cap's warriors react in rage. Dozens on both sides are wounded in the fray before the police and ambulances move in. A team of paramedics helps you down, but you barely even notice. You could've saved him.


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