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Do you like really hard trivia quizzes? Well then. this isn't the one for you. Remembering every little detail of a show is hard sometimes, as there's at least 20 decent shows to watch in a week. Assuming you follow half of them, that's a lot of detail to memorize. So I wanted to do a fairly easy trivia quiz for you to enjoy without having to cheat and look up answers. They're all from memory for me so if you watched the show you should be fine. However, some are worded kind of tricky so read carefully. Also, How to Get Away With Murder is only in its second season so I had to use a little bit of season 2. You know what that means!

Do not read on if you're not up to date. If you don't watch the show. . . I'm not sure how good you're going to do.


1) What Do You Get For Winning the Trophy?

Annalise uses five of them as "interns" allowing them to help her in her court cases but only the top one is allowed to get excused out of any exam with the trophy. I also learned that law students only have one exam so technically instant passing of the class could be right too, but it's not.


2) Who First Receives the Trophy?

Despite Wes' attempts it was Connor who made sweet sweet dirty love to Oliver to get the information he needed.


3) Who Killed Lila Stangard?

Through out the whole season it's assumed that Sam killed her but nope it was Frank. That dirty, dirty man.


4) What Did the Text Message Rebecca Received Say?

Eggs 911. Eggs was revealed to be a nickname for Rebecca


5) What Did Nate's Wife Ask Annalise To Do?

Nate's wife is dying and she wanted to speed it up some.


6) How Did Annalise Find Out About Sam's Affair?

Dick pics are dangerous.


7) What Happened to Paxton?

He jumped out a freaking window! Talk about your rash decision huh.


8) True or False: Liza Weil is the only actor to show up on all three TGIT shows.

This one is actually true. She hasn't played a recurring character in Grey's Anatomy, but she has made an appearance in all three shows. In fact she and Tom Verica are the only two HTGAWM actors to show up on any other TGIT show and no character from one of the other 2 shows have shown up on HTGAWM. Pretty antisocial show.


9) Who Murdered Sam?

Though Michaela is the one that knocked him off the steps it was Wes that bashed his brains in with the coveted trophy.


10) Who Caught Nate and Annalise together?

Ooh Scandal. It was Wes who first caught Nate and Annalise together.


11) What did the Prosecutor have on Asher?

Asher was somehow involved in the gang rape of a girl named Tiffany. It's unknown at the time of writing this as to whether he raped her also or if he just covered it up/allowed it to happen.


12) What Disease Did Oliver Learn He Had?

After sleeping with someone else, Oliver revealed to Connor that he tested HIV-positive


13) True or False: Annalise was revealed to be bisexual

This is mostly assumed to be true. She might not really be into labels or she might just be sexing up Jean Grey for the lols. Sex as a weapon is always in her arsenal. Plus, on TV, every girl is bisexual if they try hard enough.


14) Who is Michaela's Boyfriend Revealed to Be?

Levi Wescott is Rebecca's Foster Brother, the same character who sent the "Eggs 911" text.


15) In season 2, who was revealed to be the newest murder victim?

Final trick question. Though Annalise was stabbed it was D.A. Emily Sinclair who was revealed dead.


How Well Did You Do?

Hope you liked it. I have trivia quizzes for the other two TGIT shows too. Yep yep. Just click below.

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