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Iron Man has quite a few incarnation in Pop form (nowhere near the amount that Batman has, but still a sizable list), but this version is certainly one of the best.

Iron Man 3 wasn't the best movie (c'mon, will the real Mandarin please stand up?), but it certainly was a huge improvement over the mechanical turd that was Iron Man 2.

The set of Pops from this movie were 4 different Iron Man suits - Iron Man, War Machine, Iron Patriot, and the Deep Space Suit - the latter being the only one of Tony's 41 other suits we see in the climax of the movie being given Pop treatment (and frankly, the oddest one, as it wasn't even heavily featured). But we'll get to that Pop later. For now, let's take a closer look at this one:

The Review:

First off: Bobble-head = yuck. Marvel has too many deals with other toy companies, meaning that Funko is only allowed to produce Marvel toys if they are Bobble-heads. That's why all Marvel Pops are bobble-heads. Even the Mystery Minis from Marvel are Bobble-heads, which is ridiculous. Blecch.

But now that that's out of the way, this Pop was certainly the best Iron Man incarnation to date when it was released. It was a major step up from the Avenger's version of Iron Man.

First of all, this version is slimmer. In the early days of Pops, there were pretty much just two body shapes and they could come off a bit bulky depending on the character. The Avenger's Iron Man felt that way - too short and wide. However, this Pop came as Funko was starting to create new, though still similar body types (now, they've pretty much abandoned standard body types all together...).

This Pop's body is both slimmer and much more detailed, even matching the paint job almost exactly.

The armor is almost spot-on as well, which must have been quite the challenge to design, but it paid off.

The helmet is also a huge upgrade, especially the eyes. The eyes really pop in white, and are appropriate for the actual helmet design, as opposed to the black eyes on the Avengers version.

What is disappointing about this Pop is that there is so much detail in the armor and helmet, but the arc reactor has none. There is no design at all on the arc reactor, just a smaller white circle, like the eyes.

In the movie, there was quite a lot of design on the arc reactor, as it was the triangle surrounded in a circular casing. Bit of a let-down.

There is an unmasked version of this Pop (Tony Stark, which I will review in the coming weeks) that currently sells for $190.00, as it was a SDCC exclusive from 2013.

Rating: 8/10

Pros: Slimmer body style. Impressive amount of detail. Bright white eyes. Big improvement over previous version. From a much better movie than Iron Man 2.

Cons: Bobble-head. Arc reactor could use some detail.

Estimated Value: $23.00 (According to the Pop Price Guide)


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