ByJosh Martin, writer at

After episode 3 season 6 of the walking dead, we were all devistated by the death of the walking dead fan favourite Glenn. However, there are lots of signs that could mean he didn't die.

My theory that I came up with was the way Glenn died. Now if you watch through the scene you notice he's crying when he's on the floor and he's being ripped apart however, you see his intestines get ripped out but the walkers were pulling them out of his chest not his stomach? Now your lungs are obviousley in your chest and they were pulling his chest apart but if he was really being pulled apart at his chest then he wouldn't be crying he would be coughing up blood as seen in other deaths on the walking dead. If you think about it the way that Nicholas fell was sideways so his stomach was on Glenn's chest so it was Nicholas and also this stunt has been used before where they passed out and they used a body in a horde to protect them. And also the theory of the dumpster? There is enough space for Glenn to hide under the dumpster after the horde haven't noticed he's there.

Just a theory let me know what you think.



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