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Hey its me Blackbatman and i have some great news to share and my awesome theories and how to draws
Joseph Gaddis

Naruto has been killed before and brought back to life , so has Goku, now they both fight for world peace: naruto (sage) Goku (sayain),

Now don't get me wrong anybody can say we'll Goku could just blow up the planet and naruto is dead, oh really well you could also say naruto could go chakra mode and beaten Goku to death with light speed, or if you love debating you would say, I see naruto go sage of sixth paths and Goku goes super sayain god super sayain , and they crashed in combat and Goku was a but faster and naruto flipped up and made a massive odoam resenshuriken planetary tailed beast bomb, and it clashed with a super spirit bomb and the resenshuriken went savage on the spirit bomb and hit Goku then he drops down to ssj3 and naruto bijuu mode

Then the battle got interesting and both power levels equal, they dodged attacks and swung and missed trading blows and breaking the floor with a single hit,

Both the fighters realized they were solving nothing doing this so then they took their skills and fused it into something amazing NARUKO,

They are the ultimate tag team fusion NARUKO

Don't stop the debate there what do you think?????? Comment below,let the debate begin


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