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Just follow along in this DIY tutorial as I show you how to make a working Alien Chestburster puppet (coming out of your chest) out of household materials.

Inspired by the second chestburster build, created for James Cameron's seminal sequel Aliens, by Stephen Norrington (Blade, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen), who you can hear talk about his thought process in recreating a more articulated baby Star Beast, in this video, brought to you by the Stan Winston School of Character Arts.

As you can see, this particular puppet build is fairly simple, meant to be put together with objects you can find laying around the house, or at the very most, at your local crafts store. However, the classic creature is not much more complex, and with a little ingenuity, imagination, and dedication, anyone can use this basic information to create any level of quality build.

From Stan Winston School Of Character Arts
From Stan Winston School Of Character Arts

If you'd like to know more about higher quality materials and how they work in a practical effect like this, I recommend this tutorial from Stan Winston School.

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