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We'd like to thank people for supporting our last few posts. Whether it be one read or one hundred, it's nice to see some interaction. With that being said, I'd like to say that we like to focus on the positives with everything we review or write about on here. If you have a certain opinion about the topic, that's fine write it down below, but know that we are not told to say any of this. Like I said we like to point out the positives. We will offer constructive criticism for these shows and how they could do something better, but for the most part we will start and end these on a good note.

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The Story:

Kara continues to hone her skills as she works with her sister Alex, Hank and the DEO. She decides to recruit Jimmy and Winn as well, to help make her a better hero. While trying to save the city from various crimes and disasters, she inadvertently makes things worse. She causes an accidental oil spill while trying to put out a fire on an oil rig. Maxwell Lord shows up on the news and says that Supergirl is a menace instead of the hero she is trying to be, and Kara begins to doubt herself. A new villain who also escaped from Fort Rozz named Hellgrammite shows up in National City searching for food. It is also revealed that he is being pushed around by Astra and her Kryptonian minions. In the meantime Kara, Jimmy and Winn work together to perfect her abilities. Hank decides to take Hellgrammite on without Kara's help, but Alex is abducted in the process. He takes her to Astra, who Alex thinks is Kara's mother Alura. Astra tells her that she is Alura's twin and that she intends to take control of the Earth. Kara is able to find her sister and after a brief talk, she fights with Astra. Alex fends off Hellgrammite and uses her training to kill him with his own spike. Being the superior fighter, Astra beats Kara and gets ready to finish her off when Hank appears. He stabs Astra with a blade made out of Kryptonite, forcing her to retreat. Jimmy, who is being forced by Cat Grant to getting her an interview with Supergirl and his job on the line, decides to protect Kara's secret. Kara however tells Jimmy that she will go through with the interview. Back at her base Astra has the Kryptonite taken out of her. She then talks to a figure who is off screen, surprised at how strong Kara has actually become. After Alex talks to Hank about trusting Kara more, his eyes glow red as he walks away, indicating that he might already be Cyborg Superman. Kara as Supergirl meets with Cat Grant to give her an interview.

The Action:

Again this show does some pretty cool action scenes. The only gripe we have with these is the use of her flying. We get that she can do it, but it doesn't mean she has to take to air every time she's fighting. Still here's a couple notable scenes.

Here's Kara helping out these firefighters putting out fires on the scene.

Here's Kara using her strength to move the oil tanker since her little move above failed to put out the fire. Pretty cool, up until the oil spill mishap.

We've got Alex showing Kara that her abilities are useless unless she knows how to actually use them right. This left her a little embarrassed to say the least.

The picture pretty much explains itself, and it was super satisfying seeing the guy bounce back after firing at her.

Aunt Astra and Kara spending some quality family time together. Get used to seeing us post these stills of anyone using heat vision. It just looks so good especially on a TV budget. Why is she flying though? Hehe.

That's a nifty little blade you've got there Hank. Pretty cool thing to carry around, we just hope you don't plan to use that on our precious Kara Mr. Shady.

New Characters/Cameos:

Hellgrammite- Here on the show they say that Hellgrammites are a species of some kind, but in the comics it was a man named Roderick Rose, who subjected himself to tests. They turned him into an insect like humanoid. This version still had super strength, super leaping, and a mean looking mug when angry. He was a one and done villain and I'm sad that this is the sort of formula they are sticking to. Still a pretty cool baddy.

Maxwell Lord- A savvy business man who we briefly see on TV. We see him on the news talking about Supergirl and how he thought she was causing trouble like her cousin. For those of you who don't know him, he has ties to Brother Eye and the OMACs. OMACs are people infected with a virus that can be controlled by Brother Eye. They are then fitted with cybernetic armor and have a database of different superpowers at their disposal. Another thing to note is that OMACs are a son of bitch to fight in DCUO and that's what we are going to see next week.

Character Interactions:

Team Supergirl- Love this trio. Someone is third wheeling it though, and that's Kara. Haha, no but seriously, they totally kick butt together. Winn as the brains and JImmy as the morality booster, they were able to help her get better. Kara is totally into Jimmy and I'm sure the feeling is mutual, but we can't help it that we want her to end up with Winn. Let's see where this super love triangle ends up.

Kara and Alex- Alex again does everything she can to protect her sister this episode. Even in the face of death Alex confronted Astra and even defeated Hellgrammite. Kara picks her over her blood and tells her aunt Astra to take a hike. That part at the end where she showed Kara the project she had been working on was heart warming. Her very own Fortress of Solitude, accompanied with her very own hologram of her mother.

Kara and Cat Grant- We get to see why Cat is the way she is and she had a good point. You need to do your best at the very bottom to enjoy everything once you get to the top. We also have Supergirl meeting with Cat. If she doesn't notice the similarities "cause story" I don't know how I'm going to feel.

Kara and Hank/DEO- This guy is a dick, but I guess he has the right to be. However, we see a little bit more from him this episode. After telling Kara of her sister's abduction by Hellgrammite, Kara asks if he has family to which he said he did. You see the pain behind his eyes. However, you see a little more than that towards the end.

Jimmy and Cat Grant- I love how Jimmy doesn't let anyone get under his skin. Even though Cat threatened to fire him if he didn't use his connection to Superman to get an interview with Supergirl, he stood his ground. Good man Jimmy, good man.

Kara and Astra- They had a very brief talking scene, with Astra trying to convince Kara that she tried to save their planet. Kara saw right through her and they waste no time brawling it out. What a family reunion.

Kara and Alura- This was pretty cool. She now has her very own mini Fortress of Solitude, and I'm excited to see how she utilizes it. It was a little sad when she asked the hologram for a hug, but it responded that it couldn't. Poor Kara.

Easter Eggs:

New 52- After an attack by Hellgrammite at a chemical plant a guard refers to a zone as Secto 52.

Punny Moments- There were so many Superman references and puns this episode. To many to list in fact, but still worthy to call them easter eggs. They actually acknowledged Superman and Clark Kent this episode so that's pretty cool.

What's to Come/Theories:

Next week is all about the OMACs, or so I hope. Kara looks to be fighting a human fitted with some cybernetic armor. The description looks like it could be the OMACs introduction. I think we can all agree that Hank Henshaw is already Cyborg Superman after seeing his eyes glow red there at the end. He will be the bad guy Kara won't see coming. I head a theory that his body may be line with lead so if Kara already used her x ray vision on him she couldn't see his metal parts. He could also be this show's adaption of Martian Manhunter using Hank's name. We'll see though.

Final Thoughts:

Say what you will about the show, it is getting better. It can fix a few things, such as the excess use of her flying when fighting, but other than that the story and the characters are getting more rich. We give this one 9.3 kryptoknifes out of 10. What did you guys think about this episode, leave it in the comments below, we'd love to read them.!


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