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Kim Marie Ostrowski

For once a 'chick flick' that's supposed to be a comedy actually had me laughing (unlike Bridesmaids). I love Reese Witherspoon i have been following her since the 1990s and though there's not enough time to watch every single movie she's in I know she's great in anything she takes on.

As for Vergara I will admit even on Modern Family there are times I cannot understand what she's saying but the part with the 2 of them in the bus gave me a good tickle. Then there's

Rob Kazinsky (True Blood & upcoming FOX tv series Frankenstein Code, Movies Pacific Rim & upcoming WarCraft) again he's naked in this and I swear I think I actually blushed.

Reese totally steals the show with her "Neurotic chihuahua barking at things only it can see" performance.

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