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In this last few years, the competition between MCU and DCCU has increased. Marvel has the Avengers and DC is starting the Justice League. Marvel has Civil War, DC has Batman vs Superman. Marvel has the Black Widow, Dc has the Wonder Woman.

The character will appear for the first time in next year's film, Batman vs Superman. She will be played by Gal Gadot.

In 2017, she will have her own movie, and this movie is promising to be good already, just by the adding of Nicole Kidman. Kidman is in talks to be in the film and it wasn't revealed yet what character she will play, but... it is rumored that it will be a high-ranking Amazonian. The report guesses that she could play Hippolyta, Dianna's mother, also the queen of the Amazons.

This cast is slowly starting to be amazing and we already have Chris Pine as her love interest Steve Trevor.


Are you ecxited for this film?


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