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Here I am again with another DC Movie update. Word around the net is Nicole Kidman is returning to DC. Last time we saw her was in 1995’s Batman Forever as Dr. Chase Meridian. The Oscar winner (2003) is rumored to be almost locked into signing on for a role in the upcoming Wonder Woman film.

As far as which role she’d be [playing is still a little foggy. It appears that DC/WB is pulling out all the stops fro this movie. If they are able to lock down Sean Bean, Eva Green, and Nicole Kidman Gal Gadot will be surrounding by an amazing supporting cast. To speculate who exactly Kidman would play is tough. I would say Hippolyta, but considering the ethnicity of Gal Gadot (Israeil) that may not be the case

Here are some other character she could possibly play.


Artemis at one time served as Wonder Woman, she even beat Diana in the battle for Wonder Woman (with help). In the animated film she is Wonder Woman’s rival and a seasoned warrior. She was Hippolyta right hand. This role could fit her if they were adapting the animated film’s version of an older Artemis.


Said to be the main antagonist along with Ares in the upcoming film, if the role isn’t Eva Green’s maybe it’s Kidman’s.


Diana’s arch nemesis. This is a larger role and would suite someone of Kidman’s prestige. There has been no word of Cheetah in this film and while she may not appear early, maybe she could be a cameo in the end like Thanos in Marvel. Probably not likely.


She is the wife of Zeus. There is some friction between Hippolyta, Diana, and Zeus. This role would be small, kind of like Russell Crow in Man of Steele. I think this defiantly a possibility.


In the 2009 animated film she plays a pivotal role by betraying her sistren (I know it’s probably not a real word). She falls in love with Ares, kills one of her own, and proceeds to battle against her own, bet her words to Hippolyta were strong.

With Chris Pine already signed on the dotted line will we see these next three actors follow? Who will Nicole Kidman play? What other big names will jump on board? Is this rumor even true? Find out next time on the next Michael Johnson report.. Unless you find it somewhere else first then that would suck.

Directed by Patty Jenkins

Produced by Zack and Deborah Snyder Charles Roven and Richard Suckle

Script by Jason Fuchs

Wonder Woman will be in our theaters June 23, 2017


How do you think the cast is shaping up?


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