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It's been two seasons since Once Upon a Time last saw Neverland, however according to Entertainment Weekly their time there is not to be forgotten. Although he is considered dead, there is one character who is itching to come back.

Although Robbie Kay is now working on the show Heroes Reborn, he will be making an appearance in the 100th episode of the show. The episode will be the spring premiere, marking what usually is the second half of the season where the group of heroes have to face a new threat and villain.

When we last saw Peter Pan, Rumplestiltskin had defeated him and he had returned to his true form, Rumple's father Malcom, played by Stephen Lord. While Lord has not been confirmed as a returning actor it does beg the question about why Peter would have returned for the episode. Especially since he is in his younger form which was created by the power of Neverland.

Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis, the shows creators, have already promised an amazing 100th episode, celebrating the show. Perhaps it will just be a flashback showing more of the villain.

However, also returning is Barbara Hershey, who played Regina's mother Cora. Another villain on the show, since it is the 100th episode, could just be a matter of bringing back each of the actors to celebrate it with them, which there is no harm in that.

One option could always be that they are there to destroy the heroes in Storybrooke together. Much of this season thus far has been Emma, as the Dark One, trying to figure out a way to reunite Excalibur with the Dark One dagger. In doing this, she will be able to destroy light magic. With something this large, they normally end on a big battle and viewers on the edge of their seats. Perhaps when it is all said and done some power is released to bring all the villains back and Regina and the rest of the heroes have to save the town against all of the villain's powers at once in an epic battle.

That would certainly make for an interesting 100th episode.

No matter what ends up happening, it is good to see so many familiar faces returning to Once, with Jamie Chung, Megan Ory and David Anders also slated to return this season. Looks like the whole gang is coming back for another epic adventure.

Once Upon a Time season 5 airs Sundays at 8 on ABC.


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