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Now since Metal Gear Online 3 is finally out, I have finally decided to review Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain in its complete state. Does the whole package deserve a 10/10? Was Metal Gear Online 3 worth the wait?


Decision time!

Video version with Gameplay, or you can keep scrolling down for a written review.

Alright since there are many other reviews out there for the main game portion of Phantom Pain. I will try to make this brisk.

As a whole Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is fantastic. The gameplay is phenomenal. It utilizes nearly all the mechanics of previous games and mixes them all well within an Open World setting. Now having said Open World, I did not mean Sandbox like a Grand Theft Auto game. The two are very different. What this means instead that when given a mission you can accomplish them in any way you want. This takes away from the linearity of past games in the franchise, but this not necessarily a bad thing. In the end Phantom Pain gives you the most options of any other game in the past. There are tons of items to unlock, that help you tackle missions in multiple different ways. The new Buddy system is great, and give you some great variety of who you want to aid you out in the battlefield. Overall the gameplay is a fine tuned machine that gives you power over what your next move should be, which gives you the illusion of being the real Big Boss.

Now lets talk about the plot. Now here is where many people are split, and I don't want to say much due to the risk of me repeating myself from old posts. All I can say, is the plot does not seem as tight and linear as past games, mostly due to the open world structure of the game. Also yes apparently there is a missing ending that would have been Mission 51, but you can watch that Online. Yes I understand that it would have been cool to play through what is stated in the video, but.... yeah no sense in crying over spilled milk.

Overall despite many people saying that the game is incomplete or makes no sense, that is a bold faced lie. The game is not meant to conclude anything since it is a prequel. Also its plot fits perfectly in between Peace Walker and Metal Gear 1. The game makes sense, it just expects you to know all of the lore beforehand, like every other game in the series.

Now, if you just straight didn't enjoy the plot or didn't like the twist, well I can't help you there.

In the end I enjoyed the story it delivered, and loved every hour it took to get to the end.

Before I finish I wanna mention the FOB missions. Now this part of the game is alright. This part of the game functions as a real time action based extension of the main game, where other players online can come to your base and steal your soldiers and supplies. In the end this portion is cool but not integral, and is meant to stretch out the main game, as well as aid you in building up your base.

So, overall the gameplay is some of the best I have played this console generation, and the plot well, it really depends how you take the twists and turns of this roller coaster. For this portion of the game I would rate this a 9/10

Now to Metal Gear Online 3

Holy shit! Obviously the gameplay is the same since it is the same game, but with the inclusion of Online matchmaking this get a little crazy.

As it stands now it is pretty bare bones, Only 3 modes and 5 maps in total, with many updates coming soon to add more items, gear for your character, and maybe even maps. But as it stands now this game is a blast to play. Reminiscent of the previous Metal Gear Onlines, it is a third person online shooter with elements of stealth thrown in. But now thanks to additions like the Fulton system, things are a lot more different. I will elaborate on this soon. The game modes are Cloak and Dagger, which is similar to Capture the Flag, but only one team attacks. The attackers are given cloaks and non lethal weapons and must infiltrate the base and steal a data disc, while the defenders are given lethal weapons and must shoot to kill. One life per player. Fans of stealth will love this mode. The next is Comm Control which is similar to Cloak and Dagger. Attackers must try to capture a Comm Link and defenders must try and stop them before the timer runs out. So similar to King of the Hill in broad terms. Finally, my favorite of the three, Bounty Hunter. This appears to be your run of the mill Team Deathmatch, but with a twist thanks to the Fulton system. Each team is given a certain amount of life tickets, and the last team standing wins. But here is the catch, when a player begins to rack up kills, each of those kills become a bounty on his head that can only be claimed when the player is successfully fultoned away by the opposing team. In return the opposing team will gain back each of those kills as tickets. What makes this great is how a losing team can make a comeback like nothing. So if your team is losing with only 10 tickets left and the enemy team has 20. If you fulton an enemy with more than 10 kills under their belt, the score will then read 20 tickets your team and 19 them. This makes every moment of the match tense, and keeps everyone frosty. One match I played lasted over half an hour because of the incredible turnarounds each team was getting on each other and people were dying left and right. It was a warzone. I ultimately lost, but in the end I racked up 40+ kills in a single round with the highest ranging in the 70s. Damn...

Just like the first 2 Metal Gear Onlines it seems strange to use Metal Gear style gameplay and apply them to an online run and gun shooter model. But they are a match made in heaven.

Other features include the ability to play as Venom Snake and Ocelot in matchmaking with their own special weapons. Venom has his rocket hand while Ocelot has his dual revolvers, but this feature runs on a randomizer, that forces you to play as one of the two if you are chosen. While cool at first it begins to get annoying when you are randomly chosen and all you want to do is use your own loadouts. Thankfully this feature can be turned off, so its a cool thing to have.

The customization is great where you can build soldiers from scratch, and choose every bit of their loadout. Also there is a class system which you choose upon creating a character. Each focusing on long range, mid range, and short range playstyles.

This game is very team oriented, and you must work with your team to prevail. Wether that means helping a fellow teammate take down a Walker Gear or simply shooting out an enemy Fulton balloon saving them from being kidnapped. It is a fun game by yourself, but it only gets better with friends.

In the end I cannot praise Metal Gear Online 3 enough. It is very fun to play, and you will have a great time. Alone I would consider it to be a 9/10, but the fact this is an add on to an already great game, makes the entire package as a whole a must buy for any gamer. Normally you would average both scores out to a perfect 9/10. But not in this case. Since they are two seperate chunks of the same package, I feel like you should add them together. So screw averaging it out, I am giving it a 10/10, because there is tons and tons of things to do in this game. Keep in mind 10/10 does not mean a perfect game in my eyes. There is no such thing as a perfect game, but as it stands for the whole shabang, this a must own for all platform owners.


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