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Hey guys, so I'm trying a new format this time around and in this one we're looking at the resumes of the recently announced actors for the upcoming 2017 Power Rangers movie. A lot of the actors, save for one, are relative unknowns. This is a good idea of course, they want a franchise and unknown actors are a lot easier too lock in as opposed to A-list actors.

But who are these guys? Well, how about we take a look and get to know our future spandex cla-.

Why does everyone yell at me when I mention spandex?

Screw it, let's get the list started guys!

1-Naomi Scott as Kimberly Hart The Pink Ranger

Scott was actually the first person announced in the main cast. Her credits range from short films, TV parts (Main roles in both Life Bites and Terra Nova) and starring in two major films, the most well received being the blockbuster, The Martian.

She's also an accomplished singer with her voice landing her in the made for TV Disney Movie, Lemonade Mouth. An example being...

I can get behind this, she seems competent enough as an actress and who knows what she may bring into the role of Kimberly.

2- Dacre Montgomery as Jason Lee Scott The Red Ranger

This guy is probably the newest to the game compared to the other actors signed on. With only three listed roles on his IMDB page. In a short as Fred in Betrand the Terrible, Will in the TV movie Family Tree and his role as Jason being the final role he'd ever received.

The following is a video in which Montgomery acted in back in 2012.

The short isn't great but it kind of gives an idea of what we can expect from the young actor as the movie draws closer. He feels a little hit or miss on some beats, but no act is perfect each time at bat.

3-Ludi Lin as Zack Taylor the Black Ranger

Ludi was the third announced and was the target of some people trying to start a controversy over him being chosen as the black ranger. Thankfully that was squashed almost as soon as it started.

With eight credits to his name, Ludi's more high profile roles include the Wind Magician in the movie Monster Hunt and Batbayer in the Netflix TV series Marco Polo.

This is a pretty decent showcase for Ludi, showing him as a physical specimen and his acting a bit interesting. This is of course subjective but fits given the franchise he's going into.

4- RJ Cyler II as Billy Cranston The Blue Ranger

R.J. was a pretty good choice for this role, I think. Another one with a low number of credits to his name but a few very well received. The biggest one being Me and Earl and the Dying Girl (available on demand) a well received indie "dramedy" about a boy and his friends; one of which suffering from cancer.

I myself haven't seen the movie but from this scene I'd be willing to check it out and I'd be interested on how he plays the techno-babble fluent blue ranger.

Finally we have...

4- Rebecca "Becky G" Gomez as Trini Kwan

The final ranger announced and possibly the most known of the actors before her. Most likely the name will change, but many seem to forget that Trini was originally played by Hispanic-American, Audri Dubois, before being recast by Thuy Trang.

Acting for a number of years, she's also a singer, songwriter and rapper gaining popularity in 2011, after she posted several videos of her performing remixes of popular songs. An example of which being...

Her mainstream acting coming from the Disney show Austin & Ally and the Fox drama Empire.

Easily she's the most experienced in my opinion. However, I am a bit excited for the cast as a whole. It's new energy and it should be fun to see the beginning of a movie universe for the multi-colored heroes and their giant robots.

What do you guys think? Excited for the casting? Think they should've chosen different people? Leave it in the comments below or...


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