ByTessa Thigpen, writer at

Remember Glen has always been a runner (quick on his feet) and he doesn't panic in crazy/dangerous situations. Glens friend fell on top of him and the zombies are tearing away at the body of his friend. This gives Glen a brief, I mean very brief moment to review what just happened and manevour his way through the zombie maze without receiving a bite or a scratch on him, just alot of blood. Once he escapes the zombies I believe someone will take notice to his quick departure and aid him along the way. Basically introducing the next new character from the comic book. Glen will thank him and take him back to his town that is shattered to pieces for the moment, due to current events way beyond anyones control. Remember Maggie is Glens motivation, if he dies trust me it wouldn't be that easy, Glen will go down fighting. I mean seriously, Glen falling off a dumpster by accident because his friend decides to kill his self because he couldn't handle that zombie life is way too easy for Glen to die like that. Just my opinion -I'm Just Saying. ... .


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