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Warning! The following theory contains spoilers for The Walking Dead!

After a roller coaster of a week following "Thank You" where we almost saw Glenn die (AMC, we're not falling for the ole "Glenn's not in the credits" crap), we got to see what made Morgan into the man he is today in "Here's Not Here."

Honestly, I wasn't too thrilled about getting thrown that possible one-handed Rick, dead pizza boy cliffhanger, and then have to sit through an hour and a half hearing why Morgan won't kill psychopaths, but it was still a pretty good episode. Eastman's fate sucked, but good guys and their goats won't ever be able to make it in the crappy Walking Dead world.

Anywho, back to my Negan Theory.

I believe that Negan is...

Crighton Dallas Wilton!

Even though Crighton was introduced as the crazy prisoner Eastman almost got killed by, and Eastman ended up claiming to have killed him, I really don't think Eastman killed Crighton, based on what he said (twice) to Morgan in the cabin:

Well, after Morgan discovers this:

Eastman describes how he killed Crighton by letting him starve to death in his cell. Eastman says he was gone at the time, so it could have all been a hallucination, or he could have instead let Crighton go. There are striking similarities between Crighton and Negan of the comics, and Orin, via The Spoiling Dead, who was cast for the season 6 finale are:

THE WALKING DEAD, Episode #616
Episodic AMC
SAG Executive Producers: Scott M. Gimple, Gale Anne Hurd, Dave Alpert, Robert Kirkman, Greg Nicotero, Tom Luse
Director: Greg Nicotero
From the graphic novel by: Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard
Casting Directors: Sharon Bialy, Sherry Thomas, Gohar Gazazyan
Location: Atlanta Area
Dates: 11/9-11/19
[ORIN] 30s to mid 40s. A physically imposing, charismatic, brutal, smart, ferocious, frightening, hilarious, inappropriate, oddly friendly, fun loving sociopath that is both a leader of men and a killer of men. He has both a practical and emotional intelligence, he's a brilliant strategist, he's pure, dangerous, murderous, often gleeful id, that still has both discipline and a code. And he has a temper that can vaporize people. He's truly one of the strongest personalities ever...

Just listen to Eastman's description of the nutjob:

He was one of the most damn likeable people I had ever met. He said all the right things, he went to therapy. He wrote letters to the prison board to start a program to grow flowers for the waiting rooms in state hospitals and rest homes. And I saw right through him. Saw that he was a true psychopath. That he knew how to play people, exactly how to play people.

And when Eastman said that Crighton knew that he knew, Crighton punched him with fist that "felt like a rock."

Crighton would have killed Eastman had it not been for his Aikido training.

I think (hope!) that Morgan's training with Eastman will come in to play later, and he'll get to take out Negan before he takes out Glenn's skull!


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