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Well folks if you know your movies, you should be familiar with 'Aliens'. The highly successful collaboration between Sigourney Weaver and James Cameron. These two have also made history when they re-teamed in the film 'Avatar' which broke box office records. These two obviously have a mutual respect for each other, which is why this makes Cameron's words so puzzling.

This all started about a month ago on a very underrated show by the name of Profiles with Malone & Mantz. You can find this show on iTunes or subscribe them on YouTube: Which I highly recommend that you do so. If you have not had the opportunity to see or listen to this podcast, allow me to take the time to enlighten you.

This show is a gem, without a doubt a diamond in the rough, if I may say so. The show is hosted by Alicia Malone also known as "Red fury" (due to her lavishing red hair and spunk) along with her co-host Scott "Movie Talk" Mantz. Alicia is a beautiful Aussie inside and out with a love for Indy movies and her co-host Scott Mantz is an acclaimed critic for Access Hollywood and is well known throughout the "movie fan" community as a warm and gentle soul with a heart of gold. Which truly compliments Malone's sheer awesomeness. It's a weekly show that breaks down some of your favorite directors, actors, and writers in the film business of the past few decades. Do yourself a solid, sit back and watch this show break down all of your favorite Hollywood icons, it truly is quite the treat to watch.

So to get to the point at hand. On a very special episode of Profiles, the icon who they were profiling, happen to be "the" Sigourney Weaver. What made this episode a little extra special was the fact that they had Ivan Reitman and James Cameron call in for an interview on what it's like to work with Weaver. Reitman of course worked with her on both of the classic 'Ghostbusters' films and Cameron working with her on 'Aliens' and 'Avatar' respectively. When Cameron called in they were discussing 'Aliens', the subject of Weaver and her concern with all the gun violence that occurs in the film. When Cameron offered her to fire a 45. Thompson Machine Gun, which she agreed to shoot. He claimed all of her "liberal gun control stuff went out the window". Now that comment didn't really bother me too much, but the fact he continued to refer to her as this "liberal" in such an off putting way, really disturbed me. What really bothered me the most was his referral to her as "this liberal gun control freak" comment . Once again in my opinion, his overuse of referring to her as a "liberal" and to you use the word "freak", just seemed to be a poor choice of words. Now I don't claim to know Cameron's political beliefs, but it's no mystery that his movies do contain an extreme amount of violence and gun use. I.e. 'True Lies', 'Aliens', 'Terminator 1 and 2'. Movies that I all love, but one could see how this might have some type of influence on his referral to liberals as "gun control freaks."

In conclusion, I'm not in anyway saying that James Cameron has any animosity towards Sigourney Weaver. In Fact I think he absolutely admires her and has sincere respect for her talents. I just personally believe there could have been a more respectful way when referring to a friend or colleague for their political beliefs. I encourage everyone to listen to the episode at hand (which I inserted a link above), for it truly is a joy to watch. Please leave your thoughts and comments below!

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