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'90s kids, be prepared to let out a squeal of joy in a moment when you see the cast of Nickelodeon's variety show All That reunited over the weekend, and made all our nostalgic dreams come true when they all sang the theme song.

Two generations of the cast took to the stage at Stan Lee's Comikaze Expo, including Kel Mitchell, Alisa Reyes, Lori Beth Denberg, Angelique Bates and Danny Tamberelli. Unfortunately, Kenan Thompson and Amanda Bynes were missing from the reunion, as was the Big Ear of Corn.

Despite missing cast members, the ones who were at the reunion did not disappoint, especially when they held an impromptu singalong and totally nailed the All That theme song, which was originally sung by TLC. Check it out:

Ok, firstly that was nostalgic as hell, and secondly it will definitely be stuck in my head all day.

Christina Kirkman, who was a cast member for Seasons 9 and 10 talked to E! News about the reunion, mentioning that the panel was just as exciting for the cast as it was for the audience there to see them:

"Talking about the show was so bittersweet I think for all of us. At the end of the panel we all sang the All That theme song with the fans which was the coolest thing ever."

Kirkman also revealed details about her time on the show, and basically confirmed what we all knew: working on All That was the best time ever. She said:

"We were all tutored on set so the schoolroom was always where all the drama would go down. We would be on set for really long hours but there would be a lot of downtime so we needed to find ways to keep ourselves entertained. The older kids would prank each other a lot. There was also lots of awkward dancing."

So. Jealous.

The Comikaze Expo reunion was the second All That reunion in less than a month, after many of the cast also appeared at a panel for New York Comic Con. So with all these panel appearances and reunions, could we see an All That TV special in the near future? Well, while she couldn't give us the answer we all want, according to Kirkman, Nickelodeon fans "have been very vocal about what they want to see again" and that many of them have "been saying they want All That to come back!" We sure do, Christina, Nickelodeon -- make it happen!

Source: E Online


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