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Horror fans and eagle-eyed viewers of The Walking Dead will have noticed that over the years the show has quietly tipped its hat to many of the most famous zombies in the genre. Executive producer and make up master Greg Nicotero is behind what have been nicknamed 'tribute zombies,' as he creates walkers that resemble zombies from other films and TV series of days past.

Greg Nicotero with one of his walkers
Greg Nicotero with one of his walkers

Speaking to last week, Nicotero revealed, much to the delight of horror fans everywhere, that much like past Season 6 will also feature its fair share of tribute zombies:

"There is a couple in the back half. You know what's ironic, I had an awesome walker cameo that we put in a scene in episode six but in the editing process the scene was removed so the tribute walker got cut out. I'm still gonna do it at some point but I feel like after the fact, I missed a great opportunity. Because of the black and white in 6x01, I would've had a perfect opportunity to do a Night of the Living Dead homage and actually shoot a zombie in black and white and make it look like a scene from Night of the Living Dead. I kind of missed the boat a little bit there because I hadn't anticipated that opportunity was gonna be there but there's some great tribute walkers coming up for sure. There could be a little Tarman Return of the Living Dead, there could be another Dawn of the Dead... I put them in because I love doing them for us. You do thousands of make-ups and to have an opportunity to recreate a make-up or a character that you just loved, that inspired you, it's sort of my nerd-version of paying back."

I cannot wait!

Looking through Nicotero's past tribute zombies, it seems as though they usually appear in episodes he has directed, and in the second half of Season 6 he is set to direct Episode 9, Episode 12, and the season finale, Episode 16. So it would probably pay to keep your eyes peeled a particularly familiar looking walker in those episodes.

Check out some of the best tribute zombies over the last few seasons of the show, and to see even more take a look over here.

Season 3, Episode 5

Source: Dread Central
Source: Dread Central

Tribute to: Dawn of the Dead - Stephen 'Flyboy' Andrews

Season 4, Episode 9

Source: Dread Central
Source: Dread Central

Tribute to: An American Werewolf in London - Jack Goodman

Season 4, Episode 15

Source: Dread Central
Source: Dread Central

Tribute to: Day of the Dead - Bub

Season 5, Episode 9

Tribute to: Tales From the Crypt - Grimsdyke

'The Walking Dead' Episode 5 will air on Sunday on AMC

Source: Comicbook


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