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The Brand isn't the only thing in crisis with Sandra Bullock's new release, Our Brand Is Crisis -- the movie has had the worst opening weekend of her career, making just $3.4 million nationally.

Considering the strength of the casting of Bullock (who also helped produce), Billy Bob Thornton, plus George Clooney as producer, it's perhaps surprising the film has flopped on its opening weekend.

"The story didn't connect with moviegoers"

President of marketing for Warner Bros, Sue Kroll, was disappointed with the performance of the movie. She said:

“The weekend results for Our Brand Is Crisis are upsetting. The film was truly a collaboration between the studio and the filmmakers, and Sandy’s performance is terrific in this film. We cherish our relationship with her. Ultimately, neither the concept of the story nor our campaign connected with moviegoers.”

The movie is based partially on real life events, captured in a 2005 documentary of the same name. Bullock plays Jane Bodine, an American political campaign manager who is tasked with helping install a new leader in the Bolivian Presidential Election.

Bullock meets her match in her fierce rival, Pat Candy (Billy Bob Thornton), who is hired on behalf of the opposition. See the trailer below:

Bullock's role was originally scripted to be a male lead, rumored to be George Clooney. She was accused in the past of "stealing" the role from him. Speaking of the character, she said:

"It wasn't so much that I said it should be a woman, it's that when I read it, I knew the voice and I knew how to play it.
"It was a human role, and it was one that I was very familiar with because I know some people that are like that, in that struggle – that are complex and irritating and aggressive and just powerful yet incredibly broken."

Sandra Bullock's worst opening weekends

Our Brand is Crisis
Our Brand is Crisis

1. Our Brand Is Crisis - $3.2 million - 30th October 2015

2. Two If By The Sea - $4.6 million - 12th January 1996

3. The Vanishing - $5 million - 5th February 1993

4. Crash - $9.1 million - 6th May 2005

5. While You Were Sleeping - $9.2 million - 21st April 1995

And her best opening weekends


1. Minions (voice) - $115.7 million - 10th July 2015

2. Gravity - $55.7 million - 4th October 2013

3. The Heat - $39.1 million - 28th June 2013

4. The Blind Side - $34.1 million - 20th November 2009

5. The Proposal - $33.6 million - 19th June 2009

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