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Before I begin, I’ll get the obvious out of the way:

Spoilers for ‘Arrow’ Season 4 Episode 5

Matt Ryan made his first appearance on the CW as John Constantine from the cancelled NBC show Constantine in the most recent episode of Arrow. Fair to say, his character has been a hit since he first appeared and he fits in well with the cast of Arrow with the Oliver Queen/John Constantine scenes being the pinnacle of the episode. Matt Ryan has displayed an interest to return, but what are the chances of him appearing again, and how would he do so? Let’s find out in order of least likely to most likely:

Becoming Part Of The Movie Universe

As much as I love Matt Ryan as Constantine, I don’t find this very likely at all, considering how stagnant DC has been in their idea of separating tv from film.

Getting A Cameo In Other CW Comicbook Shows

I really don’t think this is very possible at all in comparison to the remaining options, but it is still possible in a way. In terms of Legends of Tomorrow, White Canary and even Hawkgirl (because of Constantine’s somewhat loose connection to Dr Fate) being present might lead to Constantine connections. Otherwise, I don’t see much of a role, besides maybe being present in the past. This being because Damien Darhk is confirmed to be featured in the past in Legends of Tomorrow, and Constantine is already aware of Damien in the present. In terms of iZombie, given that shows status as a Vertigo show and its somewhat supernatural elements, there is a chance that Constantine could appear, although he might be fully owned by DC, as well as the fact that iZombie isn’t confirmed to be connected with the Arrow universe. In terms of The Flash, Zoom has been described by Jay Garrick as a “demon” and if that’s literal, Flash might end up relying on one of Oliver’s contacts, Constantine, to take the demon’s power down a notch. Otherwise, I don’t see Constantine having much of a role.

Coming Back To 'Arrow' - Flashbacks

At the end of Episode 5, Constantine says he’s got a boat and he’s going to leave the island. We never see him actually leave the island, but he gives Oliver something to use against Baron Reiter. It looked like a scar and could possibly have something to do with his demon blood. It doesn’t appear that he’ll be returning, although he might if Baron Reiter proves too powerful. He definitely won’t appear until after the midseason break, given the nature of scripting and filming. Maybe he could come back and help out after seemingly abandoning Oliver, which would be a great character moment for a character like Constantine. Although given the fact that he gave Oliver something to fight with, I don’t think he’ll be back to help. Then again, Oliver was definitely in contact in between the island scene and the present, given the fact that he has Constantine’s number and Constantine picked up the phone with an immediate “Oliver” without even asking, as well as the fact that he said something along the lines of Oliver making sure that Constantine remembers the debt he owes him.

Coming Back To 'Arrow' - Present

Constantine could definitely come back to Arrow to help out against Damien Darhk or even to help out with anymore League of Assassins-related business. Given his popularity and stunted presence in the episode, there’s a high chance he’ll be back.

Getting His Own CW Show

Normally I would’ve put this second, but because it’s the CW I’m putting it first. Back in August, the CW’s President , Mark Pedowitz said of DC shows on the CW “there is no intention, at this point, to spin anything else off”. With any other network, one could deduce that that statement could possibly mean a decision in the future, but it’s unlikely. But with the CW, they have consistently surprised with the way they take back any previous reluctance and amaze the audience. If Legends of Tomorrow turns out to be a limited series, then maybe Constantine could fit then. Otherwise, because it’s the CW, the show has a very good chance of fitting in. Another point to consider is that Constantine would be a different tone and style to the other 3 shows and would actually fit in with the more supernatural side of the CW, especially if ‘Supernatural’ is actually ending.

I personally think Matt Ryan will definitely come back as Constantine in some form, but it really depends how he comes back. What do you think? Do you think he’ll come back? How will he be back? Let’s talk about it in the comments!


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