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After the success of Alice In Wonderland at the box office, it's no wonder that Disney want another chance to get that $1 billion payday, so the sequel came as no surprise. [Alice in Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass](tag:780359) will be released in May 2016, and Disney are finally releasing some footage to hype the film...

The video really doesn't contain a lot of plot details, but that's to be expected for such an early teaser. The focus definitely seems to be on the theme of Time, which follows on from the early press release that revealed time travel would be part of Alice In Wonderland 2's plot. We don't know a lot so far, but one thing that's certain is that Through The Looking Glass will focus in a large part on Johnny Depp's Mad Hatter... which runs the risk of sidelining Mia Wasikowska.

What We Know So Far

According to a few press releases, Alice In Wonderland 2 will feature a grown up and successful Alice Kingsleigh returning to Underland as her friend Hatter gets into some sort of trouble.

What the Mad Hatter needs help with has yet to be revealed, but considering Sacha Baron Cohen's casting as the enigmatic Time, it's likely that Hatter has found himself embroiled in the struggle with this new potential villain. Though, with Helena Bonham Carter returning as the Red Queen, there's no doubt she'll also be causing trouble.

Red Queen and young Alice
Red Queen and young Alice

So what's all this focus on time travel about? Again, we don't know much, but it looks like we might get another glimpse at Alice's time in Underland as a child...

"Through The Looking Glass is an all-new tale that travels back to Underland – and back in Time."

The capitalisation of Time also suggests that Baron Cohen's character is messing with the fabric of reality. All in all, Alice In Wonderland 2 seems like a pretty standard fantasy film, and hopefully new director James Bobin has got some tricks up his sleeve: following Tim Burton is not an easy feat, especially with such a weird and wonderful story such as this. But there's another gigantic pitfall that Through The Looking Glass might stumble on...

Sidelined In Her Own Story

When Alice In Wonderland 2 was first announced, Hatter seemed to be the protagonist of the tale: Johnny Depp's involvement was confirmed in April 2015, with Mia Wasikowska's appearance not announced until a few months later. Focusing on Depp is unsurprising - Disney have definitely used this to help market the seemingly infinite Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise - but is this a good move for the story?

Alice and Mad Hatter
Alice and Mad Hatter

From a plot perspective, following Hatter makes sense as a lot of his history was still a mystery at the end of the first film. His life in Underland has the potential to drive the story of Through The Looking Glass. But as with most of his portrayals, Depp works best when bouncing off another, more grounded character. And as this is still first and foremost Alice's journey, here's hoping that the movie uses Mia Wasikowska to her full potential.

The first Alice In Wonderland shot Wasikowska to star status, and her career has gone from strength to strength since. Critically acclaimed for her leading role in Stoker, Wasikowska most recently appeared in Crimson Peak. Both films showcased her acting talent to excellent effect, demonstrating how Wasikowska can go far beyond the wide eyed bewilderment of Alice Kingsleigh.

After saving Underland at the end of the first film, we'll probably get to see a more self assured and determined version of Alice in Through The Looking Glass. With any luck, Bobin will take advantage of Wasikowska's acting talents... or she might end up playing second fiddle to Depp's Hatter. It seems only time (or Time) will tell, but until then let us know what you think in the comments!


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