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The last episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer aired over 12 years ago and to this day, it is still one of my all time favourite TV shows.

With seven seasons and 143 episodes, this show contained some of the best, and in some cases most unique, episodes in television.

Here are my Top 5 Buffy: The Vampire Slayer episodes, in no particular order.

GRADUATION DAY PARTS 1 & 2 (3.21 & 3.22)

While being the two-parter season three finale, it was also the end of the high school years but it also saw the end of the road for Angel and Cordelia, who both left to go over to the spin-off (Angel) and while David Boreanaz returned for a couple of guest appearances, Charisma Carpenter never made another appearance on the show.

Aside from the action and seeing all of Sunnydale High team up to fight the big bad, it was also a favourite of mine for one other reason!

Cordelia in Graduation Day Part 2.
Cordelia in Graduation Day Part 2.

Cordelia staked her first vampire!!

THE GIFT (5.22)

For me, this was a show where the season finales got better and better with every season and the season five finale was no different.

The whole season had been building up to an epic face off between the Scooby Gang and Glory and you knew it was going to be huge.

After five seasons, this was the last episode to air on The WB network before finishing it's run on UPN and aside from finishing on a high, the episode started with an amazing recap of the ENTIRE series so far.

(Side note: I couldn't find this awesomeness anywhere on YouTube so I made it myself. First time I've ever done something like that!)


I think this entry goes without saying.

How many shows can pull off a musical episode so flawlessly and throughout the whole episode, it never felt like it was straying off from what the show is about.

It's beautifully done, the writing of the script and the music makes it one the best BTVS episodes.

I bought the soundtrack, even the songbook and I may or may not even remember the words to the songs.

Once More, With Feeling.
Once More, With Feeling.

THE DARK WITCH WILLOW TRILOGY (Villains/Two To Go/Grave - 6.19/6.20/6.21)

I always watch and think of these three episodes as a trilogy or even just a movie length episode.

(It's my article and if I want to combine three episodes into one, I will!)

I loved Tara, she was one of my favourite characters, and it was horrible to see her so brutally killed but to see Willow, the 'goodie two-shoes' of the Scooby Gang, turned into Dark Witch Willow was AMAZING!

To see that even Buffy couldn't take her down and was trapped in a hole in the ground for most of the episode was a nice twist on the norm, even all the way to the end where Xander is the one who saves Willow and the city.

Dark Witch Willow.
Dark Witch Willow.

HUSH (4.10)

Now here is my all time favourite Buffy episode EVER!

Maybe my favourite episode of television of all time!

The Gentleman.
The Gentleman.

I mean this is an episode where 90-95% of it is in silence. The Gentlemen are creepy but amazing looking and the cast do a great job of

I also may or may not remember that creepy Gentleman song.

There you have it, those were my Top 5 Buffy episodes but there are a lot more than five awesome episodes so here are a few honourable mentions:

Doppelgangland (3.16), Primeval (4.21), Restless (4.22), Family (5.6), The Body (5.16), Conversations with Dead People (7.7) and Chosen (7.22).


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