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We're on episode 2 of CBS's Supergirl and the show is moving faster than a speeding bullet. Seriously, it's moving almost too quickly; it's possible to follow the events on screen, but in the premiere episode it seemed like they were in too much of a rush to fly past Kara Danvers actually becoming Supergirl.

Anyway, I digress, check out the review of the premiere episode if you want to catch up on easter eggs.

We're now on to episode 2, which didn't seem as rushed, but the show is definitely still finding its footing. I have high expectations for the show, for Melissa Benoist and for Supergirl as a character. Supergirl has a lot of potential. Much like the character herself, the show's creators just need to find the right way of doing things.

Episode 2 was a busy one, with Supergirl starting to make herself a real hero: becoming a well-known face, meeting her mother's twin sister, and getting her own personal fortress of solitude.

So let's run through what we saw in 'Stronger Together.'

1. The Daily Planet

In Supergirl episode 2 there were references to Metropolis' Daily Planet and their top reporters Lois Lane and Clark Kent.

It seems the creators of Supergirl are flooding the show with references to Kara's absent superhero cousin. Come on guys, let's let Kara fly solo!

2. "I can handle Cat Grant"

Perhaps a subtle wink to the comic books, but a wink none the less. Our confident and established James Olsen, the famous photo-journalist, is pretty far removed from the nervous Jimmy Olsen. However, "I can handle Cat Grant," is absolutely a wink to the Jimmy Olsen from the comic books, who had an unrequited crush on Cat Grant.

Supergirl's Jimmy -- sorry, James -- might be confident and established, but he's still under the thrall of Ms. Grant.

3. Jimmy Olsen's "Special" Watch

In the comic books, Jimmy had a special "signal watch" which emitted a supersonic, high-pitched, ultra-sonic frequency which attracted Superman; kind of like a Kryptonian dog whistle... yes, I'm happy with that comparison. It makes sense that James Olsen, who is taking on the role of friend and advisor, and likely putting himself in danger, will need a means of calling for help.

In an interview with, Olsen actor Mehcad Brooks smiled broadly while talking about the watch.

"Yeah, it's a special watch. You know what kind of watch it is, right? Yeah, you do."

Watch the interview below!

4. Kryptonite

The revelation that Kryptonite is a secret in the Supergirl universe is definitely interesting. Historically, when we're introduced to a Kryptonian, Kryptonite isn't far behind, but in 'Stronger Together' it was revealed that Kara has never heard of the mysterious rock, and neither had her villainous aunt.

You'd think Kent would have had a one-on-one with Kara about, y'know... the other thing that can weaken her; but I get "The Big Guy" really is taking a back seat.

5. "Stronger Together"

The iconic Super "S" has been repurposed many times over the years, having first been used as the coat of arms from the Kryptonian house of L by Richard Donner's Superman movies.

In Man of Steel "S" means "hope," and in Supergirl it has been repurposed once more to mean "Stronger Together."

6. Fortress of Solitude

Not only did we get a direct reference to Superman's Fortress of Solitude, but a direct reference to the Kryptonian tech which lets him communicate with his ancestors. Supergirl's "fortress" might not be as impressive, but the A.I. hologram inside should give the series an emphatic "Super" impression.

Also, that scene was heartbreaking. The show slowed down just long enough for Kara to ask her A.I. hologram mother for a hug, right before getting determined and asking about her supervillain aunt.

7. "This Sounds Like a Job for Supergirl"

I can't be the only one who thought "This sounds like a job for Supergirl," was a little on the nose. It's clear the creators are really trying to draw parallels between Supergirl and her cousin, but besides being a little too cheesy, it seems to establish the point that Supergirl is just a female version of Superman. For the record -- I disagree. I think Supergirl has the potential to be a hell of a superhero, and the show could do really well, but not in the shadow of an already established hero.

The hit television show Arrow couldn't have taken off if they'd constantly pointed out that he was originally a Batman knockoff. Admittedly, Supergirl is an entirely different breed of show, but it needs to stand alone.

8. Hank Henshaw

Okay, I'll admit it, there was a moment when my geek brain malfunctioned and I thought we had an appearance from Martian Manhunter, but Hank Henshaw is of course Superman villain "Cyborg Superman."

In the comic books, Cyborg Superman was a... well, he was a Cyborg Superman: a villain who possessed Superman's abilities and a Cyborg body. It's possible that Henshaw's origins mirror that of his comic book origins; if so then we can expect him to harbor a serious grudge against "The Big Guy" and likely his younger super-cousin, our very own Supergirl.

It's a shame, Henshaw was seemingly just starting to warm to Kara. If it turns out he's an imposter in the body of a mentor to our new hero then I'll get serious Flash vibes. But I guess we have to wait and see!

Have another look at the Supergirl promotional trailer below!


What do you think of Supergirl so far?

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