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Possibly my most successfully viral image of all time

My idea for the Plot of Hocus Pocus 2 goes as follows

When a Prophecy brings back the old witch Desdemona Sanderson she conjures a spell that resurrects her three daughters Winifred, Mary and Sarah.

Charging the three witches with rounding up and collecting as many children as possible so they might live again.

But Winnie has only revenge in mind and sets off on a mission to find the Dennison family. A mission which brings her to New York city.

A series of mishaps occurs which sees Mary lost in Macy's, Winifred taking Broadway by storm and Sarah luring men to their doom.

Desdemona eventually tracks her daughters down to Central Park where winifred has the daughter of Danny Dennison held captive. They eventually all fly away back to Salem and to the old Sanderson house which is now part of a living museum.

The living museum is having its very own Halloween celebrations but the cast is shocked when the 'Sanderson Sisters' fly in and demand children for their spell to work.

Thinking its an elaborate show set up by management, the Museum cast play along and round up all the children who have come to the park to watch the Halloween show.

Just when Sanderson sisters are about to succeed Danny turns up with Max and Alison and a furious fight to the death takes place.

The witches are defeated once more

Created By Me


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