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With his latest release The Life and Career of Marie Osmond now on several best seller lists, Utah-based writer Randy Jernigan is wasting no time in publishing the next two installments of his now popular fan book series.

Randy's Ellen DeGeneres biography has just gotten a release date of December 5, 2015 and, as previously promised, his Daniel Radcliffe contribution should soon follow thereafter.

I've known Randy forever, it seems. He's a respected veteran freelance entertainment journalist who has contributed over the years to many national magazines, newspapers and television programs. According to several media reports, including The National Enquirer, Randy's Marie Osmond bio is currently being developed into a TV movie.

From today's phone interview:

"I have the greatest respect for the celebrities I'm writing about. I think that's why I'm doing this series. I've always been an admirer of Dan's (Radcliffe). He's a great actor and an even better person. A real genuine sort of guy. Dan does a lot of great things for people that most never hear about such as his dedicated work for The Trevor Project--a helpline for troubled LGBT youth. He's an inspiration to an awful lot of people out there and I'm excited to be including him in this fan book series."

Randy is one of the busiest writers I know. He'll also be releasing bios on Taylor Swift and Nick Jonas in 2016. He's best known for his book Losing to Win! His Fall 2013 account of shedding 178 pounds and beating a perilous case of diabetes and hypertension that nearly took his life. He's also contracted to publish a tell-all on the tabloid industry--I can't wait for that! Wonder if he mentions me...

Do you think a tell-all on the tabloid industry will be a best seller?


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