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At the Walker Stalker Convention in Atlanta this weekend, Norman Reedus received a rockstar's welcome to a capacity crowd of over 4,500 baying Walking Dead fans.

Unfortunately, Reedus was unable to talk about specifics of Season 6 - such as the condition of a certain long-running character's intestines - but he was able to wax lyrical about the strong relationship between his character and Andrew Lincoln's Rick.

It seems Reedus sees their relationship as analogous with one of the most famous superhero duos: Batman and Robin. Speaking at the convention, Reedus claimed:

I think those two character have each other's back quite a bit. I'm very happy to be Robin to [Rick's] Batman.

However, it turns out this brotherly relationship has seeped through into real-life too, with Reedus claiming Lincoln is often there to stop him making stupid decisions. He added:

In real life, we're kind of like that as well. If I don't like something, I'm like, 'Ah!' Flip the table! And he's like, 'Let me talk to them.' You know what I mean?

From the sounds of it then, Daryl seems like the slightly darker Jason Todd iteration of Robin. Let's just hope he doesn't meet the same end...

You can check out the highlights of the panel, courtesy of, below:

Of course, there quite a few differences between Daryl and Rick and Batman and Robin. For one thing, Batman famously hates guns while his "costume" also isn't splattered with quite so much blood and guts.



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