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10- Batman used to kill criminals.

Batman is known as a hero who never kills, but there was a time that he had no problem brutally dispatching of those he came up against in battle. This was back in the ’30s/’40s/’50s for the most part, and the Caped Crusader would frequently hurl gangsters off rooftops, or push them into vats of acid. As if that wasn’t brutal enough, he even killed a group of henchmen with a machine gun in Batman #1, declaring “Much as I hate to take human life, I’m afraid this time it’s necessary!”

9- The “Batman And Robin Are Gay” Theory Was Created To Destroy Comics

The first few decades of Batman’s existence were obviously a much more innocent time, and now many panels from that era are poked fun at. However, there’s a very real story behind the insinuations that Bruce Wayne and his sidekick had a “questionable” relationship, and these came from Dr. Fredric Wertham.

8- Batman's mother became the Joker.

Martha Wayne is the Joker. Well, in an alternate reality, that is.

The Flashpoint storyline shook things up in a major way for many superheroes, but Batman was one of those most changed. It was revealed that it was the young Bruce who had actually been shot that night in Crime Alley, with his parents surviving him. This led to Thomas becoming a much darker version of the Caped Crusader, and an unhinged Martha mutilating herself and transforming into The Joker.

7- The Character Wasn’t Fully Formed Until The Late 1940s

When you look at a lot of Marvel characters, many of their most defining traits were introduced almost exactly the same time they first appeared. Things have obviously been added and changed over the years, but the basic blueprint was always there. Batman however took quite a bit of time to become anything remotely close to what he is now.

6- Batman Single-Handedly Kicked Darkseid’s Ass

Darkseid may have once “killed” Batman (he actually ended up being sent back in time in another convoluted story from Grant Morrison), but when the hero paid a visit to Apokalips recently in a special Batsuit, he gave the iconic villain a real beating.

The suit was slowly killing Bruce, but it gave him enough of an advantage to level the playing field in what was just a very cool moment. The whole Justice League struggled to take down Darkseid, so seeing Batman – a normal man with no powers – give him a run for his money was a lot of fun and yet another reminder that he’s one of the toughest heroes in the DC Universe.

5- Batman Once Met Hitler (On A Cover)

Batman has been around for a very long time, but when World War II struck, the Caped Crusader didn’t come into contact with too many Nazis (most other superhero comics at the time put battles against Hitler right at the forefront of their character’s adventures).

He did take on some Nazi saboteurs who happened to pay a visit to Gotham City one time, but his only interaction with Adolf Hitler himself came on the cover of World’s Finest #9. However, Batman and his pals were just seen quite tamely throwing tennis balls at him! That’s tame compared to Captain America; he punched the Fuhrer square in the jaw!

4- Critics Hated The Dark Knight Returns

Like many comic books, novels, TV shows, and movies, The Dark Knight Returns – which is now considered a classic – did not receive kind reviews from critics upon its release. The New York Times for example dismissed it in 1987 as “convoluted, difficult to follow and crammed with far too much text” and criticised the “grotesquely muscle-bound Batman and Superman”.

3- It Took Two Years To Animate His Cape In Arkham Asylum

Rocksteady’s Arkham games are massively popular, and understandably so. They’ve now become the benchmark of everything a superhero video game should be, and the level of thought and detail which went into them is astounding.

For proof of that, look no further than the fact that one member of the small team working on Batman: Arkham Asylum spent a solid two years working on animations for the cape alone. In total, there were 700 of them (that includes sound effects too), and all of this was done to help make the game as realistic and rewarding as possible for those who played it. They definitely succeeded.

2- Hugh Hefner May Be Responsible For The 1960s TV Series

Believe it or not, as well as spending his days in the company of beautiful women, Hugh Hefner is also a big comic book fan. He would often throw parties with a superhero theme, and one such event at the Chicago Playboy Club in 1965 saw him and his guests dress up as the campy characters from the Batman comics of the time. However, an ABC executive (Yale Udoff) was also at this party, and seeing just how much the crowd seemed to love this version of the Caped Crusader, he apparently went straight to the nearest pay phone and immediately pitched the idea of a similarly camp television series to his superiors.

1- Batman used to use guns

One of Batman’s most defining qualities is the fact that he despises guns. This is obviously down to the way his parents were murdered in Crime Alley when he was a youngster, but for a time, the Caped Crusader had no problem with arming himself with a six-gun during his patrols.


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