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In most cases today, if you were to squeeze yourself into colorful spandex, knee high boots and wear your underwear on the outside -- you will probably find that people may not talk to you on the bus. However, Sony may have just made the ultimate superhero fantasy come true for millions of people.

Sony recently announced that an all new type of superhero game is coming to PS4. Megaton Rainfall is a first-person superhero adventure that allows the player to interact with the world through the eyes of a real superhero.

Taking inspiration from the Superman series, Spanish dev team Pentadimensional Games aims to emulate the true essence of being a superhero. Virtual reality tech today has the capability to transport us out of our everyday lives and drop us into distant lands or onto far away planets.

Why stop there? This crack team wants to do it all, but not only that -- they want to turn you into your childhood heroes.

In the past, the majority of superhero games have been played via the over the shoulder perspective. And as immersive as this has been -- it certainly does not compare to the total immersion of a first person VR perspective.

The Plot

The premise is simple -- Earth is in peril, the world has been invaded and taken over by aliens. Unlike many movies where only America and various famous monuments are targeted, in Megaton Rainfall the whole world is under siege.

Because the whole world is at war, the player will be forced to fly at supersonic speeds from country to country, continent to continent in an attempt to overthrow the new world order.

Not only will you be able to zip to any worldly location but you will also be able to frequent other out-of-this-world locations. According to the dev team, the entire universe will be explorable. On top of that, the game's environments are fully destructible, so be careful when taking down that alien menace. You have the power within you to level entire cities -- so remember, always read the label and know your own strength.

You will have to stop the aliens by identifying their individual weaknesses and launching attacks against them. The character itself is, as you would expect, invincible; so instead of limiting damage to the avatar, the player must limit the damage done to the cities they protect. Your success will be measured against the damage caused by the invaders and the amount and civilians killed or saved.

The Footage

Remember that this is pre release footage and that VR will look totally different when the headset is actually worn. It's similar to watching a 3D movie without the glasses on. You can expect to see infinitely better graphics come Christmas, let alone 2016. Enjoy.

Could this be the birth of the new generation of superhero games? Imagine stepping into Gotham city in virtual reality for the first time! This could very well be the future of gaming right here -- Moviepilot was at VR ground zero!

Although there is no official release date as of yet -- Sony says that we can expect to see more of Megaton Rainfall come early 2016.

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