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Today is the release of The Lion Guard book. It's a retelling of The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar. That means that Kiara is most likely to make an appearance or two. I ordered mine yesterday and it's expected to arrive on the 9th or 10th. I'll update you about Kiara's involvement in the book when I get it.

Picture of the Day

Can you spot the Kiara? Oh, there she is! She's on that rock looking at the hyenas. I bet she's jealous of the hyenas having superior hunting skills to her own. All joking aside, this is probably the location she gets caught in the gazelle stampede, as she was shown against a rock in the trailer.

Things to Ponder

"Are The Outlands in The Lion Guard the same Outlands as in Simba's Pride?"

This, I'm not sure of. The land the hyenas live in seems to resemble the actual home of the hyenas, The Elephant Graveyard.

This is The Outlands for comparison:

For the time being, because of the name, I'll consider it as The Outlands, although I have my doubts.

What I'm doing Today

Watch the new episode of The Muppets tonight

Watch The new Good Mythical Morning

Watch more Chaotic

Work more on my Disney Tumblr


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