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Warning: Spoilers below

After that 'Here's Not Here' Morgan-centric episode from this past Sunday, we were left with more questions than answers regarding Glenn's perceived death, that may or may not have been an actual death. At this point there are only a few factors that were introduced, since we saw Glenn and Nicholas seemingly meet a gruesome fate in a pit of walkers.

Well, there's this...

There was no "Steven Yeun" in the opening credits

Before Glenn's "death":

After Glenn's "death":

This could be a little troll job by the show, since technically they didn't have to credit Yeun in an episode that he wasn't in. However, I think there's something legitimately disconcerting regardless.

We also may not get any more answers with next week's episode, 'Now,' since it appears to take place entirely in Alexandria, focusing on the people who stayed behind.

I think we're about two episodes away from circling back to Glenn's death

I think we're going to have to wait yet another week to figure out what happened to Glenn. Or, at least that's what it seems like from this promotional video. It appears to be setting the stage for an intense sixth episode where multiple groups cross paths.

When will Paul 'Jesus' Monroe (from the comics) be introduced?

We've already heard a lot about the gay character, Jesus Monroe, who will be introduced as a ultra badass that might legitimately take on Daryl Dixon as the most adept zombie-killer on the show.

Speaking of Daryl Dixon, a.k.a. Norman Reedus...

Is Norman Reedus going to get killed off the show?

This would be devastating for all involved, but Norman Reedus just nabbed a deal with AMC to do (at least) one season of a motorycle-centric show called Ride with Norman Reedus.

Does that mean he's done?

Glenn on set with Jesus

As you can see, Glenn is on set with Jesus Monroe here, which leads me to believe that (since Jesus hasn't yet been introduced) Mr. Rhee will make some kind of appearance -- flashback or otherwise.

Check out this sneak peek from this episode...


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