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When I first started up the game I thought 'Okay so let's see here who is in this cart why am I in a cart what the hell... Oh that mountain looks pretty OMG THE PERSONS TALKING............Okay so I'm going to die before the game even starts..... -Character creation- Let's see. OMG DRAGON WYVERN THING' Yeah. I'd never played before I'd only watched my mum play it so I had a very vague clue on what was going on but mostly I was just following what Ralof and Hadvar told me to. Now on my original character (Wood elf female, Rosaline) I'm level 28 but I have about 5 characters at the moment. A Khajiit female called Devineir, another Wood Elf female called Daedra Singer and a Orc female called Fox. I can't remember the others. The reason I'm only giving this game a 5.9 rating is because of all the glitches, along with the cart thing. You can't use a cart when people are trying to kill you. It's so annoying!

Bye! -KokoroMinako-


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