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After The Walking Dead S6 E3 we saw actually Glenn "dying" is that true or is that just because AMC want to play with our emotions?

Here are a few facts about that!

1. Glenn is smartest in Rick's team

If you remember when Nicholas attacked Glenn and when he tied him outside of Alexandria?

Surrounded by walkers at every side he totally made out and kicked Nicholas but he didnt killed him. As we know Rick, Rick will kill Nicholas if Rick was at Glenn's place that moment.

Glenn tried to help Nicholas at S6 E3 "Thank You" but he killed himself because he know that there is no way out!

We can say that Glenn have good heart..

2. In Episode "Thank You" he had lot of way out locations

Episode " Thank You " was one of best and one of worst episodes ever! Glenn didnt died officialy because we didnt saw him actually dead.Yes,we saw that Nicholas fell with Glenn on top of him,but,when Glenn was full down we didnt saw body on top of him.Its maybe because Camera angle..
He had lot of Way Out Locations : Under the dumpster,Stairs on side of " street ",Doors ...
Lot of peoples know that Glenn dont deserve that kinda of dead,he survived lot of things and now he will die on horde of zombies?
Come On AMC !

3. His Name didnt show up on S6 E4

Steven Yeun acotor of Glenn in TWD S6 E4 didnt show up on starting of Series and on credit.That is not mistake by AMC,do they want to make us unhappy or he is really gone?

We will see that at next episode and hope that everything will be good.

4.He saved Rick at S1 E1

Glenn saved rick at first episode of first season,Rick was stuck in Tank and he contacted him on radio.In S6 E3 Rick had radio with him too.Is that mean that Rick will save Glenn this time? Morgan saved Rick at all,but Glenn found him and bring him to his familly.

5.He Deserve better dead

In Comic by Robert Kirkman,Glenn was killed by guy called Negan.Negan used Baseball bat to kill poor Glenn,but we know that AMC dont follow Comic story at all.We saw Glenn at situations that were saying just one word " dead " !

Glenn is powerfull man and we all know that,could he make out from his next dead?

6. His name didnt show up on Talking Dead memorians

At Talking Dead about Episode 3 we saw Nicholas but not Glenn.We can say that after Episode 3,Glenn just disappeared.AMC is playing with us and they are good with that.

7. " We Will see him again "

At Talking That they said that we will see Glenn again,is that mean that we will see him like flashback or even worst Walker? Lets hope that will not happen.

8. Glenn dying is Nicholas illusion?

Nicholas started being crazy that moment when they were trapped on dumpster.Maybe he didnt kill himself maybe is that all illusion?
Or he just killed himselft 'cause he know that its over?

9. He Have his Flare Gun with him

Glenn and Nicholas triend to find pet store to burn it down to attract the walker horde,Glenn was thinking to use his flare gun at all,when they found out that is already burned out he didnt throw his flare gun he take it with him.

He could use it for distraction for Walkers and they grab chance and run out.

10. Sneak Peak to Season 6 Episode 5

You can see Sneak Peak for S6 E5 here!
We heard " Open The Gate " is that they bringing Glenn alive or even someone else in Alexandria? We will see in next episode!

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