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Following on from Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Legend of Korra was a fantastic show that floated somewhere between Western animation and Japanese anime to create a compelling and exciting world. Unfortunately, as the show was such a break from the norm, suffered from some breaks in programming before moving to online streaming at the end of Season 3. While this worked well for the show, as most of the viewers watched online anyway, it was ultimately cancelled, and Season 4 became its last.

As the Avatar reincarnates, it's entirely possible for the story to continue into a new show, following the next Avatar after Korra. But is this likely to happen? And what's next for Korra?

The Legend Continues

After Legend Of Korra ended, creators Byran Konietzko and Michael DiMartino announced that the story would continue, but not in Season 5 or a movie as many fans hoped. As with Avatar: The Last Airbender, the tale will continue in a comic book that will be released next year. And we've already had a sneak peak at the cover!

Korra comic cover art [Credit: Nickelodeon]
Korra comic cover art [Credit: Nickelodeon]

We don't know much about the comic so far, just that it will continue straight on from Book Four without a time skip. Oh, and it will focus on the relationship between Korra and Asami, as the two return from their Spirit World vacation and their romance develops. That's pretty much everything we know, though a recent preview from Entertainment Weekly gave us a look at the pages.

But it does seem as though the new comic is all we're going to get from Legend of Korra: After over 12 years writing about the Avatar's world, Konietzko and DiMartino want to move on to other projects.

Moving On From Avatar

At SDCC the co-creators announced that, apart from the Avatar and Legend of Korra comics, they wouldn't be working together again for a while.

"We didn't break up, but we are working on different things."

These "different things" are two comics: DiMartino's Geniuses, an exploration of art and magic, and Konietzko's Threadworlds, a scifi adventure about a "scientific superhero".

Threadworlds concept art. [Credit: First Second Books]
Threadworlds concept art. [Credit: First Second Books]

So if you're hoping for another Avatar show, you might have to wait a long time. This is partly due to the creators' desire to pursue other projects, and partly because of Nickelodeon's relationship with the Avatar shows.

"It's no secret that Avatar, especially Korra, is not typical Nickelodeon fare. And so they've had kind of a hard time fitting it into their programming."

So said Konietzko at SDCC 2014, just after the show was removed from Nickelodeon's usual channel and began to air exclusively online. Considering this, it seems highly unlikely that Nickelodeon would order another show set in the Avatar world, though considering the success of both Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra it's possible that they might invite Konietzko and DiMartino to do a different animated show. Of course, Nickelodeon isn't the only option for a new show...

A Netflix Avatar?

occasionally picks up shows that were cancelled on other networks but still have a loyal fan following, and so far this has worked well for the streaming service. Of course, their list of shows to pick up is very long, but that hasn't stopped some fans petitioning for a Legend of Korra movie to be made for a Netflix release.

Korra and Asami's relationship slowly developed. [Credit: Nickelodeon]
Korra and Asami's relationship slowly developed. [Credit: Nickelodeon]

This idea is not without its merits: Without Nickelodeon's restrictions, a Legend of Korra movie could properly explore the romance between Korra and Asami. But Konietzko and DiMartino have stated they will only continue Korra's story through comic books, so the movie seems dead in the water.

Of course, the potential for a new Avatar show is always there. This could explore the world of the next Avatar, an Earthbender, and there's plenty of ways this could work. For the moment though, it seems our only glimpse into this world will be through comic books and in the future, who knows? Although personally I don't think it's likely the creators will create another Avatar show after so long creating this franchise, it would be fascinating to return to this world for the next Avatar's adventures!


Would you like to see more Korra on your screens?

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