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When it comes to hobbies, the weirder the better. Think about it. No one cares if you collect stamps or go bird watching. Tell someone you enjoy breathing fire to unwind on the weekend and all of a sudden interest is piqued.

And it's no different when it comes to celebrities and their side projects and quirky hobbies. We want to know the weirdest and the most bizarre things they get up to in their free time, mainly so we can laugh at them and complain how they're not like us...

Well, look no further. Below are six celebs with some surprising and laugh out loud funny interests that'll make you smile:

1. Colin Farrell - Line dancing

Your one task for today -- try and look at the above GIF without pissing yourself. It's virtually impossible. The agile, snake-like hips. The double denim. The naive, youthful expression. And, best of all, the knowing, self satisfied grin just at the end. "Yeah baby, I own this joint!"

Colin Farrell was so good at line dancing, he even used to teach people. I personally have no idea why he didn't pursue his career as a line dancing lothario and chose acting instead. Line dancing enthusiasts the world over are simply missing out. Why don't we all start line dancing?

Anyway, all I see is a man enjoying his youth (and flexible joints). Don't hate; appreciate. It's a thumbs up from me.

2. Vincent D’Onofrio - Slim Bone Head Volt

Vincent is a real actor's actor. His roles vary from Private Pyle in Full Metal Jacket, to the notorious alien in Men in Black. Most recently, he's appearing in Daredevil as Kingpin.

But when Vincent isn't acting alien or struggling to fit into the army, he has a peculiar side project. Slim Bone Head Volt are an "avant-garde spoken word band," consisting of Vincent, as vocalist, and composer Dana Lyn.

One of their most popular songs, 'I'm a Hamster,' is possibly one of the most bizarre things you'll hear all day, if not this week, if not... You get the point. I can't describe it with mere words, so the only way to appreciate it is to listen below:

3. Macaulay Culkin - The Pizza Underground

Let's be brutally honest—Macaulay Culkin hasn't been completely normal since starring in Home Alone. But it's what I love about the guy. Enhancing his reputation as a bit of an oddball, Culkin has formed a band with a surprising, and cheesy, twist.

The Pizza Underground is a parody of the Velvet Underground—replacing, wait for it... all the lyrics to their songs with pizza themed words. They also hand out free slices to those attending gigs! Yum.

Anyway, it remains to be seen if there will be a Domino(es) effect and others will join in with the pizza themed parodies. I can't for the life of me see why not.

4. Johnny Depp - Barbie dolls and musical exploits

One of the coolest guys in Hollywood, Johnny Depp, has crafted a career playing a variety of interesting characters. However, one of his hobbies is perhaps weirder than the personas he takes on for the screen.

He collects, and plays with, barbie dolls. But it's fine, because it's Johnny Depp.

Depp has even used the dolls to channel some of his well-known characters when playing with his daughter. I'd pay to watch that, he could even call it 'Barbies of the Caribbean,' which I'm sure would take off. "Where's the rum, Barbie? SHOW ME THE RUM!"

To redeem any doubts arising from this revelation, Depp also has a number of musical projects. He even played guitar for Oasis' song 'Fade in-out.' Coolness equilibrium recovered. The universe is saved.

5. Simon Cowell - Climbing trees

The tough talking, no-nonsense music extraordinaire enjoys an interesting, childlike pastime when he's not trolling people who can't sing.

In his spare time, he climbs trees. Just let that sink in for a second. Actually picture Simon Cowell just hanging around, climbing trees (I've conveniently added a photo from his family album to help you imagine).

I'm sure he gets lots of stick from his friends, although maybe we could all take a leaf out of his book and try rediscovering our youth?

Not only is it his favorite hobby, he likes to get a climb in every day. He needs to watch out, though. If he keeps going at this rate, he could be held for tree-son.

6. Shailene Woodley - Self-made medicine... And CHEESE

What do you do for the environment? Cut down on carbon emissions by cycling rather than catching the subway? Recycle? Maybe you even buy organic foods. Well, all of the above pale into insignificance compared to Shailene Woodley.

Talking to Flaunt Magazine, the Divergent star spoke of her love for keeping things natural:

"I think everything about my lifestyle is fairly alternative.
"I gather my own spring water from mountains every month. I go to a farm to get my food. I make everything from my own toothpaste to my own body lotions and face oils."

As well as lotions and oils, she even makes her own medicine. This means she can literally have a taste of her own medicine when she's not feeling great.


They're all pretty strange, but which do you think is the strangest? Also, let me know of any EVEN stranger below!

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