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As we move through life, our taste in entertainment evolves. Sometimes it gets worse -- looking at you Shyamalan -- but generally we start searching for a higher level of quality in every facet of our lives. And then we have our guilty pleasures. One of mine consists of moments like these!

Like a bird!
Like a bird!

As we've seen with cult films, a piece of entertainment may be slated upon release, and later appreciated for its forward thinking and brave steps into the unknown. This will never happen to any of these games -- and that's ok!

Seriously, I can't help but love them, and if you were a kid when you had the opportunity to experience these masterpieces (see "trash heaps") you probably share the same nostalgic feels.

1. Tomorrow Never Dies (1999)

Slated. Absolutely slated. There's not a single publication that approved of anything developer Black Ops Entertainment tried to do with Tomorrow Never Dies, and I can't blame them...sort of.

There's something about the atmosphere in this game that denotes a sense of glee. So many Sundays spent shooting things that kind of looked like...people?

Slender Man? Is that you?
Slender Man? Is that you?

The game is riddled with bugs, appalling excuses for competent control design, and countless moments of general goofiness. Still, give me a beautiful old Playstation and a night free from judging eyes, and I'm sorted!

2. Spider-Man (2000)

In order to avoid rendering an entire open city, Neversoft needed to find a way to make sure this Spider-Man game actually worked. Thus, Doctor Octopus and Carnage worked together to poison all of Manhattan with a deadly fog. Problem solved, Spider-Man can't reach the ground, and now we don't have to design half of the city! However, he is somehow swinging from the clouds... essence of a great game right there.

All those sharp edges...
All those sharp edges...

3. Enter the Matrix (2003)

This is one game that I simply don't understand the reception to. Was this game not incredible?! Cause it felt like it was!

Oh...I see...Well, I can't be the only one that enjoyed it!

"In more than 20 years of playing games, I have never seen a console game as obviously unfinished and rushed to market as Enter the Matrix. [...] This game is a complete mess, and that's the only thing complete about it." - EGM


4. Bruce Lee: Quest of the Dragon (2001)

All right, I admit it. This is probably one of the worst games I've ever played. It's probably one of the worst games ever made! But my dad bought me this game in a move that sought to combine his love for Bruce Lee action films with my love for Video Games. This was the result.

In summation, here's one reviewer's opinion: "This is a total insult to the great man. I don't even know why I'm bothering to write this." Served.

5. Predator: Concrete Jungle (2005)

Yes, yes, this isn't actually based off of a film. HOWEVER, Predator: Concrete Jungle is a game that I feel needs more love, or at least some kind of spiritual successor. We need a new Predator game, people! Look at what we're missing out on here.


Bonus Round - Games From Hell

Now that we've seen some terrible games that I somehow liked throughout the course of my existence, let's take a look at a few that no human being should have to come in contact with.

1. The Smurfs Dance Party (2011)

The title alone is enough to turn anyone off. Then you see the gameplay. My words are useless, just watch.


2. Iron Man (2008)

Nintendo Official Magazine had this to say about the video game version of the hit movie, Iron Man: "[the graphics look like] a four year old's attempt at making a LEGO robot before getting bored and throwing it in the mud. And then stamping on it. And then leaving it there so a fox can take a dump on it."


3. E.T. the Extra Terrestrial (1983)

The tale of this game has become the stuff of legend. Here's an excerpt from Polygon on this marvel:

The quality of the E.T. video game has become an urban legend. It's the worst game ever made for an Atari console. It's the worst video game ever made, period. It is so bad, it caused the video game industry to crash in 1983. It is so bad, Atari buried 12 million unsold E.T. game cartridges in the Alamogordo desert of New Mexico, covered it with cement and tried to forget about it. Gosh, critics of the game say. It was truly the worst.
Are you well? Cause you're looking well!
Are you well? Cause you're looking well!


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