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Robert Kirkman is the critically acclaimed writer behind the iconic comic book series The Walking Dead. The comic book was adapted into a television show of the same name, which aired back in 2010. You know the dystopian-horror character-based television series, featuring zombies, frighteningly horrific deaths, and a foundation of insanity behind every episode? It's that one.

The Walking Dead has effectively moulded itself into popular culture and has solidified Robert Kirkman's already prolific name, giving him some serious authority in the industry.

Robert Kirkman's Outcast

With The Walking Dead running under its own steam, Kirkman decided to try his hand at another project: Outcast -- which was actually confirmed as a television series before a single copy hit the shelves.

The Outcast Vol. 1 opening issue actually outsold the latest Walking Dead comic book, and the reviews are pretty good!

Comic Vine said the following:

If you have it in you to take on a dark and disturbing comic, this is indeed the one for you. There won't be any frolicking or cheerful times here but what you get is an intriguing story. Robert Kirkman does a great job setting up this new world and characters.

Whereas IGN reported:

Anything written by Robert Kirkman is sure to generate some buzz, and his newest imprint, Outcast, is no exception... Kirkman and Azaceta make the most of their added page count, delivering a thoroughly engrossing and genuinely creepy affair that’s sure to have even the most hardened horror fan reaching for their night light.

It seems The Walking Dead was not a one-time success for Kirkman, as reviews encourage the thought that Outcast will make a hell of a television show.

We're living in the era of comic book adaptations and, as the creator of The Walking Dead, Kirkman can be trusted to contribute some truly fantastic content featuring dark thematics and iconic brushes with insanity.

So what's it about?

The series is centered around Kyle Barnes, who has been the victim of demonic possession since childhood. As an adult, our protagonist Barnes seeks to discover why his life has been plagued by possession and why he has strange preternatural abilities.

Throughout his life Barnes's close family and friends have continuously been possessed. By the time we discover him, he's decided to find out why, and this is the triggering event of Barnes's narrative.

Accompanied by Reverend Anderson, an alcoholic pastor, we follow Barnes' story which could have repercussions much grander then he expects. In fact, his actions could result in the end of the world.

Reports suggest that Outcast is dark, in fact after watching the trailer it looks even darker than The Walking Dead. Where the dystopian television series is centered upon surviving in the zombie apocalypse, it seems Outcast deals with demonic possession and insanity.

Outcast looks like a real horror of a television series; it won't be one for the faint hearted!

Robert Kirkman Interview

Robert Kirkman recently spoke about the Outcast television series in an interview with Comicbookresources, in which he explained the extent to which the Outcast television show will adhere to the plot of the comic book series.

"We're definitely going to be, you know, straying from time to time and adding new elements and doing that kind of thing.
We're actually expanding the cast, adding new characters and adding storylines to what we have in the comic book series. So the comics will be adapted, not exactly, but, you know, very closely."

Producer Chris Black said the following:

"So, I mean, it is the starting point. It's the template. It's the -- it's what we go to, in terms of who these characters are, and what their long series arcs are, what the mythology of the show is. You know, it always comes back to that."

The creators of the show will be staying true to Kirkman's comic book, using it as a starting point through which they can develop a viable television series.

It also seems as though the future star of Outcast, Patrick Fugit, is really taking his role as Kyle Barnes seriously.

"It's never interesting to me to play darkness for darkness' sake or humor for humor's sake. I always like when there's a duality everything, like when somebody is a good person or a hopeful person, but they're being, you know, contained by circumstance and darkness and that sort of thing.

I have high expectations for Fugit, a lead character who embraces the role is sure to add a touch of realism. This will be vital, as after the success of The Walking Dead fans will certainly tune in to see whether Outcast is at the standard of Kirkman's previous work.

Starring Patrick Fugit (Gone Girl) as Kyle Barnes and Philip Glenister (Mad Dogs) as Reverend Anderson, Outcast has an interesting pair of protagonists.

I'm excited to see what the actors make of Outcast. If the show turns out to be as successful as its cousin The Walking Dead, then Fugit and Glenister could become big names in the industry.

Outcast is scheduled to air in 2016. I'll keep you updated with anything I hear! Until then it could be worth looking into the comic books to ready yourself for the show.

Have a look at the trailer! Enjoy!

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