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Steven Universe. That's it. Do I really need to make any kind of introduction for this show? The animation is awesome and the acting is top notch with the amazing casting of Michaela Dietz, Deedee Magno Hall and English pop star, Estelle as Amethyst, Pearl and, the Gem momma herself, Garnet, respectively. The cast is rounded out with Zach Callison as the eponymous Steven, the musical puff of optimistic awesome.

Along with a story about alien beings of gem stones with hard construct bodies that makes for a great space opera, there is a lot of music throughout the series that really makes up why the show is so loved. Rebecca Sugar, the creator of the series, was known for her musical composition on the other Cartoon Network original, Adventure Time.

Music has always been something I enjoyed greatly in life and when a show like this has catchy, but heartfelt tunes, I couldn't help but be captured by the show. So with this list, we're counting down the top 10 Steven Universe songs, ranging from the fun and serious to the empowering and the emotional.

Without further ado, let's get the list going with...

10-Let Me Drive my Van into Your Heart by Greg Universe

This song is just fun to listen to. It's short, going just over a minute. It's a quick little window into the loving relationship Steven and his father Greg, a former musician whom left it all for his mother, have.

Like I said, a quick but fun one, and who can hate on something like that?

9- Cookie Cat Rap by Steven

This was the first song we heard on the first official episode of the series (aside from the opening theme). It shows how quick to a song Steven is and kind of sets the precedent for a song in almost every episode. It also shows us one important thing. Steven's a kid. He finds fun in a lot of things and hasn't become world weary like his family.

A nice song and a good opener to show who our hero is.

8-Giant Woman by Steven

When fusion was first introduced we were all entranced by the notion of what the gems could create if they fused. The stranger of the fusions though, was the idea that Amethyst and Pearl could fuse.

Personality wise, these two are all but compatible so the notion of them coming together was awesome but at the same time inconceivable. That didn't stop Steven though. While on an adventure, he even made a song to try and convince the two to come together and create the fusion of Opal.

This song also shows a bit more of Steven's character. Aside from the awesomeness of seeing giant fused gems, he doesn't believe that the two are really that different from each other to perform a fusion. He thinks everyone is great and that the love he feels for everyone is the love that should be expressed by all.

7-Dear Old Dad by Steven featuring Greg

After an accident caused an injury to Greg, Steven takes up the charge to care for his father after he "failed" to heal his father of his injury. It was soon proven that Steven had actually healed his father but Greg, in an attempt to spend more time with his beloved son, had feigned his injury still hurting him.

Greg redeems himself later by helping his son avert a major catastrophe and it shows that while a lot of the good that made up Rose Quartz also went into Steven, a good dose came from Greg as well.

6-Steven and the Stevens by...Steven and the Stevens and Steven and the Crystal Gems by Steven and the Crystal Gems

Time travel is a hell of a drug guys. After some time traveling mishaps Steven creates a band of hims from the same point in time to save from the fact that his father, Greg, couldn't help due to an issue with the car wash.

Some problems happen between the band, and in response, it just becomes a cluster between them all and ends with an alternate timeline being created to correct Steven's mistake.

So naturally the best song to follow up with this one

A fun song that shows a before and after, where we see Steven realizing his mistake and admitting that, "Yeah that wasn't a good idea on my part." A fun song and a bit more growth for Steven.

5-Be Wherever You Are by Steven

After an accident and some well meaning sabotage. Steven, Lars and Sadie become stranded on an island. Steven is his usual bright and optimistic self while the relationship between Lars and Sadie grow into more than just the school yard crush the two have for each other.

A small entry but one with a number of implications.

4- Tower of My Mistakes by Amethyst

Cry for help was an episode with huge implications for the state of the gems. After Peridot had jerry-rigged a tower to communicate for Home World, instead of just smashing it, like so many pumpkins after Halloween, Garnet fused with Pearl to create Sardonyx. A showy fusion with the strength of Garnet but the precision that we expect from Pearl.

We discover after some time that Pearl is doing something very underhanded, but before that we see that amethyst is dealing with her own issues of inferiority - which is something new and concerning for one whom many see as the fun gem. It shows however that like the old adage says, "The ones who smile the biggest hide the deepest of pain."

A great entry and something that gives us a look into one of the favorite gems of the series.

3- Strong in the Real Way and You Do It For Her/Him by Pearl

After seeing the raw strength that comes from Sugilite, Steven becomes enamored and wants to be strong like them. Pearl (being the Salty Sally she is) feels neglected and that Sugilite is a terrible role model to look up to. Get off your pedestal Pearl!

The song gave us the first look into the inferiority complex that Pearl herself feels constantly. We soon learn the reason why she had such a complex but it made Pearl more relatable as a character and we found ourselves in Pearl's inadequacy.

You do it For Her/Him was an interesting song. It's melody and striking visuals made it one of my favorites. We get another look into Pearl and instead of seeing her feelings of fear and inadequacy, we see what gives Pearl pride. She views herself as a knight, a sworn protector of Rose Quartz and her memory.

Another enjoyable ditty to just let happen to ya.

2- I'm Just a Comet by Greg Universe

This song is probably one of the most fun songs created for the series. Its fun comes in with the loud, bombastic music and stunning visuals that make you feel that this man is somebody and has made it as a rock and roll legend. That is all immediately shot down when, as the song ends, we see that he had only one attendee. Rose Quartz.

Aside from the interesting contrast the song takes a strangely self aware and meta turn when near the end Greg repeats the line, "I'm just a comet...". Despite the spectacle that is a comet, what naturally happens is that a comet quickly burns up and fades away once it enters our atmosphere (unless it's big enough to make it through and land somewhere on the ground or ocean). That's what makes the song interesting for me in this. Greg wants to be a star, so much so that his gimmick is space themed music and lyrics. Yet inside him, he just knows that the kind of life he wants he will never get. Thankfully, he gets one better.

Before we get to number one let's take a look at some honorable mentions. These songs, while I would never claim to be bad by any stretch, just didn't seem right to me and thus I couldn't put them on the list.

Jam Buds - Steven featuring Connie

A cute song, which starts off By The Sword. We start by seeing Steven and Connie jammin' while doing some enjoying snacks. Short, sweet and sets the tone for what was to come in the episode.

What Can I Do For You? - Greg Universe featuring Rose Quartz and the Crystal Gems

This song was one of the few that I wouldn't consider great. I don't know if it's the tune, or the lyrics, but it always felt off for me. The episode it appeared on felt like the song wasn't quite the perfect fit, which happens. This show had tremendous success, and it was amazing the songs it did have were as good as they, are but not every hitter can bat 1000 every game. It was this song that we feel that it was supposed to be the background while we focus on the budding romance and the rivalry between Greg and Pearl.

Wailing Stone - By Greg Universe

Another case of a good song that just didn't fit well enough to be put on the list. After failing at his expertise as an audio guy, Greg is easily disheartened. Much like Sokka in a world full of Benders, Greg is just a human dealing with the fact that he can only be part of his son's world. He wants to help and show that he can be of use, but when he comes up short, he let's out the only way he knows. In song.

Well guys, here we are.

1- Stronger Than You - by Garnet

Please tell me none of you guys are surprised. This is THE song of Steven Universe. After suffering what could be considered their first major defeat at the hands of the blood thirsty Jasper. We are shown the first part of Garnet's origins and we realize that she's been a fusion from day one. How amazing is that?!

Never mind the amount of energy it must take to keep such a task up. It shows us what is truly the first same sex relationship made canon in a children's cartoon show. And on a major television network and shown in a positive light no less.

One can't help but look at what Garnet as well as her parts that make her up (Ruby and Sapphire) and see that they represent something more than just a relationship. This song isn't just awesome, it's basically a musical f-you for people who have some strange problem with it.

Well guys, that's ten. What did you think? Did I miss any? Do you think the order should have gone a different way? Comments are down there guys or...


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