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As the clock ticks closer and closer to December, fans continue their speculation about the movie's plot points and characters. I, however, have used my "Force Sense" to identify one of the leading characters, a conflicted stormtrooper named "Finn." I believe Finn to be the son of Rebellion leader Han Solo. My evidence is provided in Marvel's Star Wars #8. This information could be regarded as a potential SPOILER, SO YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Marvel Comics currently has one of the best comics out there, Star Wars. Many jewels have come from this series as well, since it's part of the new CANON. One character to come out of Star Wars #8, was a African American woman named Sana Solo, who claims to be Han Solo's wife.

I don't believe this coincidental. This has to be the mother of Finn. They are both dark colored, and if you look real closely, the two do look like they could be related. Due to the new CANON, Han and Leia aren't confirmed as married, so this theory isn't totally out of the water. What do you guys think? Do you like my theory, if not, please critique as you deem fit. This is my second or first article as well, so tell me how I did.

Darth Knight wishes you all well, so have fun speculating. May the Force be with you, always.


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