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Aiko Abercromby

It's about time we see something new about the forever-delayed game Quantum Break. When we first heard about Quantum Break it was mid 2013 and we thought - hey it'll probably be out soon! Well 2 years have passed, amd we still don't have it. Waiting sucks, but at least we have a bad ass cover to stare at thanks to our Game Informer fam! Check it out below!

Now doesn't that just make you cry!It's so beautiful, like I need this game tomorrow! Sadly it doesn't release (they say) until April 5th 2016 on Xbox One, they may change that, but for now we got a solid date, so put your hands up! If that doesn't tickle your feather, just wait till you watch the new gameplay video - another great early Christmas present from our Gamer Informer Santa Claus!

To read their 12 page feature on Quantum break later today, you can subscribe to them digitally (available on multi-platforms) or if you're like me and want to turn every page then subscribe to get their print issues in the mail in the next week or so! Also in the December issue are reviews on; Assassin's Creed Syndicate and Halo 5: Guardians, along with many other awesome previews on big-name games this year! Don't forget sign up and check out their website here. Oh, and here's the gameplay video for you guys! Your going to flip, dance and maybe even break down while watching - It's what I did! Thanks for reading and comment your thoughts! To get up with all things Game Informer follow them on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube!


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