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Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino might be good pals but their ideas differ greatly when it comes to filming.

Quentin Tarantino is a hardcore fan of traditional film and filmmaking. He is famous for using analog film cameras to shoot his movies and often speaks publicly that we must cherish and preserve the heritage of film and keep to the traditions. Tarantino despises digital filmmaking like an Amish despises modern day inventions.

On the other hand, Robert Rodriguez expressed in many interviews that he vouches for digital cameras. Rodriguez argues that while traditional film might hold its mojo, it has many downsides to it that makes digital filmmaking much more practical. For an in-depth reasoning check out the video below about the presentation of Robert Rodriguez titled 'Film Is Dead.' He recounts his experiences using both types of equipment, and gives his piece of advice to all filmmakers—spoiler alert, he recommends using digital!

In conclusion, digital filmmaking seems much more practical but really nothing can beat the old-school. As long as films will be made, there will be people who prefer film over digital.

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