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There is so much to be excited about when you talk about Deadpool. A film that has been in the works for quite some time is surely attempting to live up to fans expectations as it has been highly anticipated for years. We already know a good amount about the film already but thanks to Collider's Steve Weintraub, we now know even more.

Steve Weintraub has done a bevy of interviews and been on set for a ton of the film so he definitely knows what he is talking about. He compiled a lis of 65 things that we know about the film and he did an outstanding job, lets take a look!

Note: All Bullet Points Here Are Directly From Collider's Steve Weintraub's Outstanding List!

  • They are absolutely breaking the fourth wall in the movie. Deadpool will talk to the viewer. He knows he’s in a movie. Screenwriters Rhett Reese & Paul Wernick said, “[T]he comics had given us the leeway to break the fourth wall, so in a way he’s just strangely omniscient, he can talk about the fact that he’s in a movie, he can talk about things that the character wouldn’t know and everyone around him is kind of like, ‘What are you talking about?’”

Anyone who has played the Deadpool video game should be used to this by now! Very awesome!

  • Deadpool references X-Men Origins: Wolverine by breaking the fourth wall and making fun of it. The movie disregards what happened in that film.

Ryan Reynolds originally appeared as Wade Wilson in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and it seems like they will parody that!

  • Cable was close to being in the film but they chose to wait until Deadpool was on his feet. It sounds like if they get to make a sequel Cable will be part of it.

Many fans have been campaigning for this fan-favorite character Cable to join the FCU and hopefully Deadpool does well enough and they make it happen!

  • On set they were already planning a post-credits scene that they consider “very cool.”

A staple in almost any Marvel film, expect a really awesome post credit scene!

  • Stan Lee will have a cameo in the film

Yes! Anyone Marvel fan should get excited for Stan the Man!

  • Miller said that Colossus is the gateway drug into the rest of the X-Men universe and he plays the straight man to Deadpool.

Colossus was originally in the X-Men films and is set to be a huge part of Deadpool so it makes sense that he will be the catalyst for the FCU moving forward!

  • David Fincher and James Cameron played a part in pushing the Deadpool script to the studio.

This could mean we are in store for a really awesome script! I can't wait!

  • Ryan Reynolds was instrumental in shaping the script and gave plenty of notes. He was the one that wanted an origin story.

Is there anyone who is more perfect for this role other than Ryan Reynolds? I always had a great feeling about him!

  • The film will not shy away from very graphic scenes and situations but doesn’t dwell on blood and guts. Reynolds said there are some “pretty racy, pretty hyper-violent things that happen in this movie and it’s been a lot of fun to shoot.”

This may come as no surprise because the Deadpool comics are quite racy and violent and it seems like they are bringing that narrative to the big screen!

  • The script is loaded with a number of pop culture references.

Can we expect and Taylor Swift references?

  • Morena Baccarin (Vanessa) will not have any powers in the film. If they get to make a sequel that’s when you’ll see them.

It seems like we are in store for a ton of origin stories in the film and not just Deadpool's.

  • The Deadpool movie was a 48 day shoot with 15 days of second unit.

They are definitely putting in the hard work needed to provide us with an amazing Deadpool experience!

  • Some of the action scenes will embrace the R rating.

This was apparent in the trailer when Deadpool was looking through a hole in his finger...AWESOME!

  • They’re aiming for 700 VFX shots but it could go up to 8-900.

Hopefully the VFX aren't too overused in the film, either way it should work!

  • The final Deadpool script is about 70% of the script that was leaked, “The same basic movie is there.”

I refused to read the leaked script but if you have, you should know what to expect!

  • The script was 6 years in the making. There were many different incarnations of it, including a PG-13 version.

The film has definitely been worked on for quite some time and I'm sure that 6 years of fine tuning will work to the films advantage.

  • Before the footage leaked and there was such a positive reaction to it, there wasn’t much hope of getting a Deadpool movie made. Ryan speculates now is the right time for a Deadpool movie to be made, with the influx of comic movies in the media, and not 5 years ago when people were first pushing for it.

We know that Fox was a bit weary on the idea of a Deapool film for quite some time. It wasn't until outstanding positive response from fans over leaked footage that really got the ball rolling!

  • According to Tim Miller, Ryan’s personality is very much like Deadpool’s.

This is the reason why many people think that Ryan Reynolds is the right man for the job, he is basically Deadpool.

  • Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool costume had a muscle layer underneath that had to be removed because Reynolds was “too ripped” and his own muscle plus the costume muscle made him look “too big.” So all the muscle we see in the film is “100% USDA Ryan Reynolds.”

Ryan Reynolds took a page out of Ben Affleck's book and really muscled up for his role!

  • As a nod to Liefeld, Deadpool has his pouches.

It wouldn't be a authentic Deadpool film of he didn't have his trusty pouches right?

  • Deadpool is Pansexual according to Tim Miller.

Deadpool has no preference!

  • A total of four hours were needed for Ryan Reynolds to get his complete makeup, and according to him it felt like “wearing a wet diaper on your face.”

Could you imagine 4 hours of make-up every day? That is insane! I guess it is necessary to look like an old avocado had sex with an older avocado!

  • Though they mostly stuck to the script, which had years to be refined, they did do some improv in some of the more comedic scenes, mostly because T.J. Miller cannot be tamed.

T.J. Miller is absolutely hilarious! I can't wait to see the chemistry him and Ryan have on-screen!

  • Deadpool does take place in the X-Men movie universe and as such fits into its larger timeline, and it is possible he might show up in the other movies. This affected how they wrote the script and what they were able to reference, such as the Blackbird and Professor X.

It would be awesome to see a Wolverine cameo in the film wouldn't it? Lets hope!

  • It was easier to put lesser known mutants in the movie, like Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Angel Dust, because it requires less approval and overhead for the larger X-Men Universe. Colossus required lots of approval and had to fit in the larger canon of the X-Men movie verse.

This could be a bit of an issue in the future if Fox limits the characters they can include.

  • They were really devoted to getting the Deadpool costume right, which included his iconic white eyes for his mask. They film Ryan doing the action and doing all the same things without the mask, and then they add CGI animation to the shots with the mask to allow the mask to move and show the expressions. “You can’t promise Deadpool fans in the audience the authentic Deadpool and then give him a pair of pretty blue eyes.”

CGI seems pretty essential to get the full Deadpool experience, this could be amazing depending on how they implement it!

  • 80s and 90s music is going to be a huge part of the movie.

I expect a lot of old school hip-hop just like the trailer!

  • Fox green-lit and dated the release of the movie before Tim and Ryan were told that they had the go ahead to make the film. They 100% attribute the green light to fan’s reaction to the leaked footage over social media, and feel they owe it to them to give them the best Deadpool movie possible.

This is a film that was made possible by fans and is made solely for the fans! Outstanding!

  • The film will have plenty of Easter eggs might reference a number of other Fox mutants. While I’m not sure, we might see silhouettes of other characters.

Silhouettes of other characters? Interesting...

  • The movie will feature a number of unusual songs. When Guardians of the Galaxy came out and featured that cool soundtrack, Reynolds said, “I did have a bit of a panic attack.” On set both Reynolds and Miller made it clear that the Deadpool script had its music cues in it years before Guardians was written

Taking a page out of Star-Lord's book huh? Should be outstanding!

  • Getting Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool makeup just right was a challenge and many tests were done, not only because in the comics he is scarred in different ways, but because it was important for the studio that Reynolds remained recognizable and “attractive”, and “just not Freddy Krueger.”

Well according to T.J. Miller he is still very Freddy-esque.

  • Aside from Deadpool himself, the rest of the cast’s look was kept very grounded and realistic as to fit within the context of the movie. But he tried to give everyone an interesting look, a “silhouette” to recognize their characters.

Basically Deadpool is in a world all by himself!

  • With an R rating, there is more blood and gore, but they tried to keep it as realistic in scope as possible. “Deadpool does some really graphic stuff to people but it’s all quick and it doesn’t linger on them either, it’s much more about how he does things and how he’s dealing away and flipping on them.

This is basically going to be Deadpool if he were actually a part of society. An extremely interesting arc.

  • They have snuck in some references to other mutants out in the world throughout the film.

X-Men? Gambit? These are all characters that we can expect so get references too throughout!

  • Ed Skrein’s character’s outfit (Ajax) is very different from what is in the comics. More streamlined and functional like a SWAT outfit then the glitzy metallic costume from the comics.

So it seems like they are really trying to keep all the characters as "normal" as possible and make Deadpool completely the opposite, should work beautifully!

  • Skrein is a massive comic book fan so being able to do a movie like this is one of his dreams. He was also really drawn to the movie because it’s not your average comic book project, they are not doing something that’s been done before, but at the same time trying to push something that is faithful to the original comics.

This may re-invent the way comic book films are made for years to come. A truly innovative process it seems.

  • Ajax is British in the movie, as opposed to Canadian like in the original comics.

Hmm that should be very interesting. This could be a pretty drastic change from the character's source material.

  • Skrein describes the relationship between Ajax and Deadpool as a “revenge story from both sides.” And it changes through the course of the movie, who wants revenge on the other and for what. It’s a complicated balance for the characters, as their personalities are so very different.

The dynamic between these two should be awesome and obviously is a main focus of the film!

  • Skrein was on location three weeks before shooting began, training two times a day with the stunt team. He also did different weapons training in London before arriving on location.

I love when actors put in this type of work and dedication. It really gives a film that extra boost it really needs when an actor cares this much!

  • Ajax’s main cohort in the movie is Angel Dust (Gina Carano) with whom his character has a very close but ambiguous relationship.

Angel Dust could be a very interesting character in this film. It will be cool to see her and Ajax's relationship plays out throughout the film.

  • They are trying to stay as close to the original Deadpool comic universe as they can.

I love hearing this! This makes me so much more excited!

  • There was a lot of work trying to keep what Deadpool looked like under wraps, trying to control the release schedule of costumes and first looks for the movie.

In the world of social media, anything and everything can get leaked. Fox has done a great job at not allowing set photos and such to leak out!

  • For a specific scene in the movie a Vancouver freeway was shut down for two weeks.

They probably mean the scene from the trailer where Deadpool shoots it ut on the freeway! Feel bad for all of those Vancouver drivers though...

  • The mood on set has been really positive, with Ryan and Tim spearheading, exciting, and inspiring the cast and crew to try and make the best Deadpool movie possible.

Ryan Reynolds seems like the primary person who will make this film outstanding! He seemed to have pumped everyone up!

  • Morena Baccarin was not familiar with Deadpool or comics in general before landing the role of Vanessa Carlisle. “She gets down and dirty and she’s not a victim, she’s not a damsel in distress.”

This really isn't too surprising because a ton of people who are cast in superhero films aren't very familiar with them before hand. She should be fine.

  • Her character really gets into the action in this film; she’s scrappy.

Vanesa Carlisle should be an absolute beast.

  • Colossus will be 7 ft. 6 inches in the film and to the actor on set is 6 ft. 8 and wore 8 inch heels to look the part on set.

He wore high heels? Talk about dedication! Colossus will really be living up to his name!

  • Some of the test footage that leaked will be incorporated in the finished film but with finished effects. It will look infinitely better than the test footage.

So for those of you that just could not wait and watched some of that leaked footage, you only got a sneak peak!

  • The first act of the film shows Deadpool using guns. The third act shows him wielding katanas.

We saw the vintage Katanas in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and it seems like we will see them again towards the end of the film!

  • While the script leaked awhile back, that didn’t stop them from still using it. However, they did make some alterations.

They know it is going to be amazing! Legendary!

  • Angel Dust isn’t in that many comic books so Gina Carano and the writers had to create her character from scratch. But she had a lot of fun with creating the character’s look, which includes yellow contact lenses.

This should be interesting to see how they improvised Angel Dust character based on a limited sample size.

  • She is the henchwoman to Ajax in the movie and has a fight scene with Colossus. When doing her fight scene in a junkyard she was more worried about spiders than anything regarding the actual stunts.

I completely feel her pain...I hate spiders!

  • Brianna Hildebrand trained in Muay Thai for a few months in preparation for her role as Negasonic Teenage Warhead.

I love when actors do training like this to make their character's combat as authentic as possible!

  • Hildenbrand’s shaved head and piercings were part of her personal look and were incorporated to her character.

Again this is definitely going to add to the authenticity of her character! She should be great!

  • Negasonic Teenage Warhead is relatively new addition to the script since it was greenly.

There wasn't a ton of people who knew who Negasonic Teenage Warhead was until the Deadpool trailer.

  • Garrison Kane and Wire were almost in the movie.

I wonder how they would have played into the story? Does this mean that they may be coming to the FCU in the future?

  • They will not being doing the “voices in his head” like some of the later Daniel Way Deadpool comics and the Deadpool video game.

This could be big for some people. Depending on who you ask, this could be mildly disappointing.

  • They filmed in Vancouver for tax breaks and rebates on local hires on VFX.

Who would of thought it would have been cheaper to film in Vancouver?

  • Some days shooting on location in Vancouver were so rainy that cranes were brought in to cover the working area.

Definitely going to be looking for this throughout there film!

  • Deadpool was filmed with digital cameras with no plan for 3D while filming.

I'm not a huge fan of 3D so this is actually a good thing to me.

  • The film was mostly shot on location with limited sound stage work.

Again this will completely add to the authenticity of the film! Amazing!

  • The blending of CGI and practical effects is really complicated and the VFX team was doing breakdowns for each fight scene and what was needed for each shot well before they actually started shooting the movie

The VFX definitely took a lot of work so hopefully the team was able to pull it off!

  • Because of the R rating they were able to make the action scenes much more brutal then what you would see in a PG-13 movie.

Well, that is a bit obvious.

  • Though they wanted to keep the feel of a superhero movie, they tried to keep the moves and action of the fight sequences very grounded in reality.

Deadpool doesn't necessarily have any overpowered advantages so it this is encouraging! The combat should flow very nicely and be amazing!

  • While Ryan is very involved in the stunts, because of the nature of Deadpool’s fight moves and stunts, they are using a lot of doubles for the action sequences. This is made easier by the fact that Deadpool is in a mask, but they have tried to make it as seamless and possible.

As great as Ryan Reynolds is, we can't expect him to be Bruce Lee so the use of multiple doubles is a necessity.

That was a lot but it's time to get excited for Deadpool!

This films has too much going for it and again thank you to Collder's Steve Weintraub for this outstanding list full of insight on the film! I really can't wait! So sit back, grab you chimichangas and wait for greatness to grace the theaters!


Are you excited for Deadpool?


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