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(Warning: spoilers for CW's 'The Flash' lie below, so unless you're up to date on our favorite speedster, don't read on.)

With Season 2 of The Flash now pretty much fully up and running (see what I did there), fans worldwide are beginning to get increasingly hyped up for the next slew of episodes. From the arrival of Earth Two Flash Jay Garrick to the new-looking Firestorm, there's been plenty for loyal viewers to dig their teeth into so far this season, and there's set to be a lot more over the coming months.

One thing that the show is particularly known for is that it isn't afraid to play with its characters. We've had the mystery of how Eddie Thawne was related to the evil Eobard Thawne, and the apparent death of show regular Cisco Ramone, until (as with most comic book characters) he was brought back from the dead in the following episodes.

So, it should come as no surprise that the series inspires a ton of teenagers and adults alike to take to their computer screens, and imaginatively spill their out-there thoughts all over the world wide web. My thoughts on this particular occasion are definitely a little out-there, but hey, Moviepilot without crazy fan theories is like Eminem without a microphone.

I'm sorry Moviepilot, love you really!
I'm sorry Moviepilot, love you really!

Of course, if you're the kinda reader who for some reason doesn't read the title of articles, my thoughts today are that Harrison Wells is indeed still the main villain on the CW's hit show - for the second time running (see what I did there again.)


It's now known the viewers of the show that the "big bad" of Season 2 will be the mysterious "Zoom," who comes from another dimension and is intent on killing all speedsters - apart from himself.

The big question at this stage though, is who the heck this dude is. many suggest an entirely new character who's just, well, a bit of a psychopath, whilst others lean towards more ludicrous suggestions. I'm certainly one of the latter type of people.

Y'see, in the recent episodes, we've seen the deceased-in-Earth-1 Harrison Wells alive and well (see what I did there again again) in his home universe of Earth 2. More recently, however, we've seen the professor somehow utilize a portal in his Central City to re-enter Earth 1, and land in one piece. Not something you'd expect a perfectly normal, good-guy scientist to do, necessarily...

Not to mention his evil glare...
Not to mention his evil glare...

What's even more peculiar, is that he knew exactly what he wanted to do when he got there. What exactly was that? Break into Mercury labs and steal a high tech directed-energy weapon. Why? Well, confusingly - he needed it to save The Flash.

In the final moments of episode four, good ol' Barry Allen was making his way through a speech about how you have to embrace possibilities and take chances, and sometimes try something completely new. Now, that's all well and good, until he's grabbed around the neck and put in a choke hold.

By this thing.
By this thing.

The sudden appearance of King Shark in the closing moments of episode four either made fans go "OMG THAT'S SO COOL" or "WTFWTFWTF." Either way, he certainly seemed intent on chowing down on the scarlet speedster's head. Luckily, however, for the star of the show, his newfound love interest Patty Spivot was on hand to, uh, pull a gun out of her handbag (I still haven't wrapped my head around why she would keep it in there) and distract the beast for just long enough for it to throw Barry down and make its way towards her.

However, as the shark/man/whatevertheheckitis is stomping over towards Patty, there's an explosion of blue, King Shark collapses, and, surprisingly, it's Harrison Wells who fired the shot. Barry finds out that his old nemesis is alive when he briefly interrogates him just before the episode ends. Cool stuff, right?

My proposal is that Harrison Wells is indeed the mysterious Zoom - how else would he know to travel dimensions, and take down seriously powerful metahumans? And why would he be involved with the Flash? When asked about it, Tom Cavanagh himself said this:

I played a very interesting role in Season One. It would be a shame for the role to change drastically, but there's always a chance that it might keep a similar kind chemistry.

So even the actor himself doesn't want his role to change too much. Could that mean you're still the villain, Tom?

Yes, yes we would.
Yes, yes we would.

I think that, based on the evidence we have so far (which isn't much), it's not illogical to assume that Mr. Cavanagh will be reprising the role of the main troublemaker. The Flash definitely isn't a stranger to messing with its viewers' heads, and I think a plot twist like this one would certainly fit well.

But hey - what do you guys think? Take the poll, or leave your thoughts in the comments! Until next time folks :)

And hey, if this theory isn't believable enough, it hasn't even talked about time travel. So there's that, too.


Is Harrison Wells still the "big bad" of The Flash?


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