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As we all know in Season 6 episode episode 3 ''Thank you'' we saw Glenn getting ripped in to pieces.Or did we?

In the scene where Nicholas shot himself he fell and dragged Glenn with him in to the horde of zombies (walkers).But we also saw that Nicholas fell on top of Glenn so it is possible that Glenn used Nicholas as his human shield to defend himself from the walkers.And i'm pretty sure that people don't have intestines up their throats.As you can see in the video below.

Scott Gimple said: ''That we will ses some version of Glenn or parts of Glenn''.That doesn't mean that Glenn will come back as a walker.And why is that you might be wondering.Glenn is a good guy he gave everyone a second chance even Nichoals (Noah died because of Nicholas) so we might see Glenn come back as a bad guy not like he will turn against his own group but he will be for an example like Shane he will just kill people and walkers he won't even care.And Glenn survived even worse thing like:

1.He got trapped in the well

2.He survived that bat

3.The Torture

And so many other things.And I know in episode 4 they took Steven Yeun's (Glenn) anme of the cast that's just the producers messing with us and if they kill of Glenn The Walking Dead will become like Game of Thrones that means that they will run out of idea's and kill every major character.



Is Glenn dead?


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