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Arcane Pacific Entertainment is a small independent film company based in the world’s movie making capital, Los Angeles, California. But this company is growing fast as it takes on one of Hollywood’s most enduring legends.

On a fateful night in 1932, the famed Hollywood sign overlooking Los Angeles became a place where the lofty dreams of a rising starlet were dashed upon the mountain side. After achieving success on Broadway, actress Peg Entwistle came to L.A. — to Hollywood to be a star, but before her ascension began, she climbed the fabled sign and leapt to her death.

The subject of many discussions, articles and campfire stories through the years since, the story of Entwistle’s life and death has yet to be captured on film. James Pomichter, a film maker at Arcane Pacific Entertainment is set to change that in his upcoming short titled “Hollywood Girl.”

Actress Laura Liguori who was cast early on in the lead to helm the cast of the ambitious film and bring Entwistle to life has been shooting crucial scenes since the summer months of 2015 and has recently added to some star power to her company.

In a September TV article, award winning director of the dramedy Love, Lust and A Room Key, Pomichter announce the addition of Fame’s Maureen Teefy known for her roles in Supergirl, Greese 2 and Steven Spielberg’s 1941 to the cast of his true to life tale of heartbreak and disenchantment.

Maureen Teefy (From IMDB)
Maureen Teefy (From IMDB)

"I am so happy to have such a deeply talented cast, including the recent addition of Maureen Teefy, who will bring authenticity and grace to such a compelling story," Pomichter told the entertainment web news site.

Pomichter’s most recent talent acquisition is another movie making notable, Will Rothhaar who is another heavy hitter most prominently featured as Corporal Lee Imlay in the blockbuster hit Battle Los Angeles as well as multiple film and television appearances in shows like NBC’s Grimm and the Nathan Fillion hit series Castle.

Will Rothhaar (From IMDB)
Will Rothhaar (From IMDB)

Both Rothhaar and Teefy are slated to play supporting roles during flashback scenes of Entwistle’s rise on Broadway, and in fact, Rothhaar’s father Michael is slated to play Enwistle’s uncle Charles in the film. Actor Kirk Graves, who worked with Pomichter on 2008’s short film Mercy, also rounds out the supporting cast.

The addition of such star power is a certainly testament to the material penned by Pomichter, himself, and to the popularity of the film’s subject among Hollywood’s eclectic and long standing community of artists and film makers, but it could also herald the ascension of more stars on the Hollywood horizon including Arcane Pacific Entertainment's team of movie magic makers, producers James Pomichter and Veronica Barriga.


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