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Supergirl meets a snake named Fluffy and her long lost Aunt. Cat gives some advice, and Henshaw has a secret. All on Supergirl episode 2!


Supergirl Gets Schooled (and becomes a Terrorist.)

The episode opens up with a training session with the DEO. Kara doesn't think she needs the training. Henshaw points out most agents take months, in Alex's case, a year, to get into the field. Kara ends up passing all the tests with flying colors, and flies off to the scene of a fire, despite Alex warning her that she is pushing herself to hard.

And Alex was right. Kara saves a ship filled with oil from burning. However, she spills the oil into the ocean. And as Kara puts, “I went from superhero to eco-terrorist in a single bound!"

People start to question if Supergirl is good for National City. Especially, Maxwell Lord, played by Peter Facinelli. He states Metropolis spends a lot of money to clean up after Superman and National City doesn't need that. That is all we see of Lord, but we will see more of him in the upcoming season.

Cat Grant decides she needs to start controlling Supergirl's image before she becomes . At this point, Cat gives Kara (and Supergirl) some great advice. She needs to start smaller and not try to save the White House from a meteorite. This leads to a great crime fighting montage to "Hit Me With Your Best Shot". And James and Winn finding out they each know Kara's secret. And Alex being annoyed Kara is telling everybody. And Kara saving a snake named "Fluffy" from a tree. Bets. Part. Off. The. Episode.

This was an episode of great advice giving as Alex gave her sister some good stuff, too. At one point in the episode, Alex takes Kara to a room lined with kryptonite emitters, and thoroughly beats Kara. In the process, she explains that Kara can't just rely on her strength. She needs to be smart. This comes in handy later in the episode.

Cat decides she needs to get an interview with Supergirl. The very first. And she wants to use James to do that. She tells him to get the interview, or get out. Hearing this, Kara, at first reluctant to do it, agrees to save James's job. But James doesn't want the help. He is tired of being more famous for being Superman's friend than anything he did himself.

This leads to a great scene where Kara describes one big difference between her and her cousin: She remembers Krypton. He doesn't. She was taught on Krypton that it was honorable to ask for help. She states the "S" isn't just a family crest. It is a family motto meaning "Stronger together" (roll credits!). Like I said, it is a great scene. You see that she has put the same kind of pressure on herself. She see the benefit of being in a team instead of flying solo. (Am I writing flying too much?) To quickly wrap up this story line, Kara flies Cat ( and Cat's car) to a remote location for the interview. And the look on Cat's face is priceless.

A Family Reunion

The main story and take away was Kara coming face-to-face with her Aunt Astra. It is awesome to get this meeting so soon when many different shows would make you wait. But this is from the same people who make Arrow and The Flash, so I shouldn't be too surprised.

Astra is a weaker point of the show as she tends to be a carbon copy of some many other villains and criminals. However, the interactions between her and Alex and her and Kara helped a lot this week. And I am glad that Kara didn't think Astra was her mother and Astra didn't even try to pretend to be. That was a fear of mine and I am glad that didn't happen.

The fight scene wasn't the best, but I am assuming that people are still getting used to the wire work. But Henshaw did give Astra kryptonite when he stabbed her with a knife made out of the stuff. So much for that surprise.

And let us talk about Mr. Henshaw. He flashes some red eyes at the end of the episode. I knew he was a villain in the comics, but I thought the writers just took the name from and not the back story. I don't know if he is a cyborg or something else, but that did surprise me.

Villain of the Week

This is a helgammite.
This is a helgammite.

The villain was another Fort Rozz escapee. He wasn't really important, but he did bring up a good point. He was committing crimes just to survive. He needed to steal DDT so he could eat. It is kind of sad when you think about it. He gets pulled into to something much bigger when he just wanted to be left alone. Something to think about.

Alex Keeps A lot of secrets

Alex adds one more thing to the list of secrets she kept from Kara: her own "Fortress of Solitude". It is even equip with a hologram of Kara's mom that she can ask advice from. Look, I like Alex and her relationship with Kara. But come on. Kara probably could have used that hologram a while ago.

Oh, and Kara proves once again how human she can be. The first thing she asks for was a hug. It is a surprisingly heartbreaking moment that passes quickly, but I loved it all the same.

What did you think about this week's Supergirl? Let me know in the comments.


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