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**Spoilers ahead if you did not see Monday night's episode of Gotham, "Mommy's Little Monster" **

Monday night's episode of Gotham, "Mommy's Little Monster", was focused on Gotham's newly elected mayor, Theo Galavan (James Frain) and, his sister, Tabitha Galavan (Jessica Lucas) and Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor). In this episode, we saw Penguin's mother murdered by Tabitha after he had succeeded in locating her whereabouts. As Penguin was vengeful on Galavan for murdering his beloved mother, we are starting to see Edward Nygma (Cory Michael Smith) dive deeper into his alter-ego, The Riddler.

Last week, we saw Ed unintentionally kill his girlfriend, Kristen Kringle (Chelsea Spack) after he told her about the murder of her ex, officer Tom Dougherty. Now, Ed is panicked and and distraught over the accidental murder, but his alter-ego had other plans. As Penguin was plotting his revenge against Theo, and Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) began to wise up against Galavan's darker plans for Gotham, Ed was being led through the GCPD with fiendish riddles designed by his twisted alter-ego to find Kristen's body before anybody else does.

Prepping for a role like this has to be hard but it seems that Cory Michael Smith has nailed the part. In the next upcoming episodes, we'll be seeing Nygma go through a new evolution, the relationship between his alter-ego, and a possible encounter with Penguin. In an interview with Variety, Smith says that his character is now a different person in Gotham and he's not afraid anymore:

"I think for a while he’ll keep under the radar while he’s trying to figure things out. We’re gonna have a run-in with Penguin too, soon, so there seems to be work life and home life, but those things get cloudy very quickly. He and Jim will cross paths outside the office in a way that’s probably alarming to both of them. All of a sudden he’s a different player in Gotham, and he doesn’t have to be afraid of Harvey and Jim the way he once was."

As the season continues, we'll be seeing Nygma come to terms with his new skills as a criminal. Since Nygma embraced his other-side, maybe we'll start to see how he'll put his new skills to use within the city of Gotham and a possible new friendship with Penguin will blossom:

"I essentially find him and he’s very hurt and ill, so it’s Nurse Ed to the rescue. It’s a very cool episode where their friendship begins. There’s a lot of time spent together."

It looks like the classic villains will being teaming up sooner than we think in this season of Gotham. Also, Edward Nygma seems to be honing his skills and has embraced his Riddler side on Monday's episode. I can't wait to see how Nygma's evolution will come about amongst all the monsters that lurk in the Gotham underground. I'm excited to see how the friendship between Penguin and Nygma will blossom since Smith mentions that Ed will be there for his new friend.


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