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I have taken some time off Movie Pilot and I have been think really hard on what to write and just know have had a great idea. As I was listening Mackelmore "Same love" I started to go through some comments on how this song was 'gay' or I don't like the tune or something around those lines. This got me think about the society we all live in, and I found this quote online and thought this would be perfect thing to describe society.

"Welcome to our society, you will be judged on what you wear, what music you listen to, what you look like, how you act, who you hang 'round with and on every single personal trait and imperfection about you and you'll be made fun of for who you are. Enjoy your stay!"

That is exactly what I am talking about this generation is SO judge mental. I mean very day in school I get judge on what I to say other people, or what music I listen. Oh ok I am going to put out there but I am huge BELIBER. In primary school I used to get teased by boy about liking Justin Bieber. This generation makes fun of gay people and making fun of the word 'gay'. Like saying "Oh this work is so gay!" And I know a lot of people who use this! It shame how others make fun of how you speak I mean I remember in year 7,8 and 9 I was bullied on how I look and how I talk, or what YouTuber I watched like my favourite is WeeklyChris and I got made of fun. Bullies will always be bullies and when that person gets bullied by that person then he/ she will feel low and maybe they either selfharm or kill themselves.

In my opinion I think this generation has really bad habits! I think someone should say "ok today I am going to make change to society." I think it's time to make a stand and say no more to cyberbulling, no more to judging people on how they walk, talk etc. We should make a stand before it is too late and we have past it to the next generation. I am going to leave you with this question and I want to comment down below what do you think:

How Would you change society and in what way and why?


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